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Essay about lack of responsibility

essay about lack of responsibility

Personal Responsibility

GEN 200

April 22, 2012

Julie Hillborn

Personal Responsibility

We have entered an era where nobody feels the need to take responsibility for their own behavior. From school age children who don't feel the need to complete their class work assignments to heads of large corporations who take no qualms in engaging in criminal activity at the expense of their clients. They often don't face the consequences directly instead they fall upon others.

As written Richard H. Palmer in his book Avatar: "It seems easier to defend actions than to honestly examine them. We are quicker to attack than admit. Admissions require courage!"

"When we summon the courage to take ownership of our experiences, to see them just as they are, to feel them, we will recover the blueprints of our lives. We will face our fears and find the transparent beliefs that create them. Becoming more honest with ourselves means introducing more honesty into collective consciousness of the world, and this lays a foundation upon which an enlightened planetary civilization can be built." (Palmer, 1999)

Personal responsibility means that you are willing to take responsibility for your actions, and are willing to accept the consequences whatever they should be. There are always outside forces that try to get in the way of our own college successes. The duties from family, work health as well as social can be a great interference when it comes making the right choices and taking responsibility.

As a new college student most students will experience a new level of freedom. No longer are they living in their parents' home with their rules. They also no longer have somebody to monitor their comings and goings, and who they associate with. There is nobody that will wake you up to make sure that you are attending classes on time or that you complete your assignments. It is now up to the student.

The lack of responsibility starts at an early age with our schools. When students fail to complete their assignments or fail state wide exam, it is blamed on the system for making the too "high stakes", and not the students fault for failing to study and goofing off instead. Rather than facing consequences for their actions, the students are simply passed through to the next grade. There the cycle continues. The students so need to make a serious effort, because after all everyone gets another chance. Sometimes they receive three or four more chances.

Of course not all children are the same. Some are quirky and may have more difficulties learning things and have feistier temperaments. Other children are naturally more compliant and self assured. While a majority of parents have no problem with taking care of a child's basic needs such as food and shelter. They fall short in the next biggest obligation of teaching responsibility. This includes responsibility over their actions, beliefs, feelings and everything else. Accepting responsibility is not the same thing as accepting blame. Of course no child suffering through a trauma should be solely blamed for their behavior. That said even children that suffer a learning disability or tragedy can be taught responsibility. They can take credit for all the good and wonderful things that they accomplish on their own and can then begin to understand when they have made a mistake.

It takes effort and patience to teach kids responsibility. Every day children see parents doing things that they have been told not to do. It's hard to justify telling your kids to eat a balanced diet when the parents are dining out at fast food every night. It's not reasonable to expect your children to not drink when as parents you are drinking every night and driving while intoxicated. If parents are not willing to take the responsibility for their acts we cannot expect our children too.

It can be difficult to stand back when you see someone that may need help in this area. It could be someone that you have seen on the street or even a member of your own family. While it might be best to not get involved in the affairs of strangers in order to avoid a nasty confrontation, if it is a member of your own family you might be able to avoid the situation. This can be a very tricky situation to deal with because people that are not willing to take personal responsibility for themselves are full of denial and have been making these same decisions for years.

As adults we tend to blame others for our actions. We are living in a nation that says it's not our fault for eating too much fast food and making us obese. It's the fast food industry forcing us to eat that way. Instead of taking responsibility

essay about lack of responsibility

Lack of Personal Responsibility in Today’s Health - Essay

essay about lack of responsibility Free Responsibility Essays and Papers - 123helpme

essay about lack of responsibility All About Responsibility: Nathaniel Branden

For many years, big food companies have been constantly under attack from health advocates and consumers for the contribution of growing waistlines, chronic diseases and lack of exercise in the United States. Of course, it is easy to blame fast food corporations given the ubiquity, proximity convenience and low cost of food options available. But who really is the one to point the finger at? We, the consumers, are fully responsible for what enters our mouths. No individual should sue any restaurant company from getting fat from eating their food. A decline in physical activity and a rise in more sedentary lifestyles have made it more difficult to balance food intake with energy spending in the last generation, leading to overweight people. It wouldn’t be such a big deal if the problem were simply aesthetic.

But excess weight takes a terrible toll on the human body, significantly increasing the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, gall-bladder disease, osteoarthritis and many forms of cancer.


And again, Americans recognize the problem but do not seem to want to change. In the TIME/ABC poll they rated obesity alongside heart disease, cancer, AIDS and drug abuse as among the nation’s most pressing public health problems. Consumers’ attitude toward fast food has changed since there is a wide assortment of factors at work ranging from fewer sit-down meals, much more snacking, more latchkey kids who make their own food decisions without supervision. Consumers, as well as parents (kids are also falling victim to the obesity rates), need to engage in personal responsibility when it comes to consuming an abundant amount of fast food instead of putting the obesity blame on fast food franchises.

Obesity and fast food chains were never an issue back in the day; Americans seem to have taken advantage of the easy availability and cheap prices of many unhealthy foods. The human lifestyle and diet 4,000 years ago seem to have changed dramatically over the years where our ancestors ate and drank in the healthiest way possible as nomadic hunter-gatherers.

In the 1950s, less than 100 million Americans were overweight and obese individuals. People used to have to do daily activities that were extensive just to live their everyday lives like cooking food from scratch, walking most places and doing most things by hand rather than using technological machines to do it for them. Food wasn’t easy to get if you were poor.

Walking somewhere was still common regardless of appliances such as dishwashers and ovens, and in 1960, only about 13.3 percent of people in America were obese, according to the University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics. And things haven’t been moving in a promising direction. Just two decades ago, the incidence of overweight in adults was well under 50%, while the rate for kids was only a third what it is today. From 1996 to 2001, 2 million teenagers and young adults joined the ranks of the obese. People are clearly worried.

It is not right to sue a fast food company based on the fact that consumers knowingly and voluntarily consumed the foods from McDonald’s knowing that the foods McDonald’s serves were in fact high in cholesterol, fat, salt and sugar.

Consumers voluntarily spend over $100 billion annually on fast food per year. (Fast Food 8). The famous documentary, Supersize Me, shows Morgan Spurlock consuming McDonalds every day, 3 days a week. This of course led him to gain a significant amount of weight and develop some health complications. Spurlock makes his point by a way of exaggeration, he tells us something that we already know, fast food is bad. Of course it will be bad because he ONLY consumed fast food and nothing else, he did not eat anything healthy and did not exercise, all of this was done voluntarily. Should consumers eat fast food on a daily or even a weekly basis? The answer is simply no.

500 million Americans are now obese and an additional 6 or 7 million are “morbidly obese” (Chew on This 209).

With this ridiculous amount of unhealthy people, you would think there would be a solution. And there is, lawsuits. Americans decide to turn to their lawyers for their ignorance and blame corporations for something that is obviously done by their own will. Consumers are too ignorant and blind to understand what it’s their mouth. We cannot deny that people are eating more and are getting fat, but that does not prove that fast food franchises are the culprit. Kids today are suffering severely and falling victim to obesity because of many unhealthy diets that are being practiced in their own home. Parents bring home the importance of food safety, quality and nutrition. When this habit continues to occur it leads to kids becoming teens who make poor choices who in turn leads to obese adults and a lifetime of health problems.


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