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Essay on michael brown shooting

[137] Johnson told the jurors Brown said "I don't have a gun", was mad and tried to say again "I don't have a gun", but "before he can say the second sentence or before he can even get it out, that's when the several more shots came." In his testimony, Johnson maintained Brown did not run at Wilson prior to the fatal shots.[137]

Early reaction and analysis[edit]

August 9–14[edit]

Peaceful protests and civil disorder broke out the day following Brown's shooting and lasted for several days. This was in part due to the belief among many that Brown was surrendering, as well as longstanding racial tensions between the majority-black population and the majority-white city government and police.


  1. Gotibisijuwoy

    Wow that"s not far from my hometown Reports: Multiple fatalities, injuries in shooting at Clovis library via

  2. Farexisefinoro

    Did the shooter shout, ALLAH U AKBAR right before shooting everyone?

  3. Nohawah

    Cast your RMGO Member Ballot here and be entered for a Ruger Precision Rifle and shooting class with Dudley Brown!

  4. Tagotitibeqado

    It is truly heart breaking that in a town just mins away that their was shooting at a library all I ask is that you please pray for

  5. Huxupucole

    Plus, Millsap puts up better box score numbers anyways. Same PPG, Millsap more APG, RPG, SPG, similar shooting.

  6. Hanefaso

    Speaking at his annual fundraiser, recounts shooting at congressional GOP baseball practice on June 14.

  7. Wodulukedodejo

    Seemingly the PG position and the center position in the NBA has changed. PG"s no longer look to facilitate and bigs are now shooting 3"s.

  8. Xocepalororop

    Yeah he is. All Porzingis got over Millsap is shooting.

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