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Essay on relationships with parents

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An Essay on Parent/Child Relationships essays

essay on relationships with parents Free parent/child relationships Essays and Papers

The misunderstandings between parents and their children have gone back as far as there have been families. Two good examples of this can be found in The Veldt by Ray Bradbury and Penny in the Dust by Ernest buckler. The differences in parenting methods are quite plain to see when looking at communication, trust and respect.
In The Veldt communication is definitely lacking in the sense that the family never really deals with any deep issues. The parents never ask their kids directly what is bothering them, instead they go to a psychiatrist. This would make Peter and Wendy feel neglected and more importantly they would feel as if they had no parents. The kids don't help too much either however, they never tell their parents what's bothering them, instead they turn to their nursery and use it as their guardian, their home away from home, or their parent away from their parents. In Penny in the Dust there are less serious problems with communication. Peter and his father have a unique bond that is not unhealthy but could use some work. They both understand each others need for space and do not upset each other with deep psychological talk. Peter is not spoiled or pampered but feels loved all the same. And unlike The Veldt, Peter and his dad have a communication breakthrough after they find the penny. Both families have their problems with communication, this may root down to trust.
In The Veldt, Peter and Wendy receive too much trust and freedom. Their parents trust them to do whatever they wish in the nursery, they trust them to be at a carnival alone and miss supper. They trust their kids to the point that it may make them feel unwanted. However, once the parents feel that their children are acting odd they loose all trust for them completely. This sudden movement from complete trust to no trust probably confused the kids, but it was too late and the children no longer saw their parents as parents but as t...

Further, a strong parent-child connection actually makes parenting easier since children who feels connected to their parents are more inclined to want to listen, help and follow directions. Here are 10 simple tips families can use to deepen bonds between parents and children.

Say I Love You

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Tell children you love them every day, no matter their age. Even on trying days or after disagreements, parents should say these three words. Conflict is the most important time for parents to communicate their love to children. A simple "I love you" does loads to strengthen relationships.

Teach Your Faith

Teach your child about your faith and beliefs. Tell her what you believe and why. Allow time for your child to ask questions and answer them honestly. Reinforce those teachings often.

Establish a Special Name or Code Word

Create a special name for your child that is positive or a secret code word that you can use with each other.


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