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Free e textbooks for college students

free e textbooks for college students

CourseSmart provides a variety of services to instructors including Instant Access. Any Instructor who has already received at least one eTextbook from one of CourseSmart’s publisher partners can register for Instant Access. Instant Access enables you to immediately view any eTextbook(s) that you have requested. Register online for Instant Access.

The CourseSmart reader allows faculty and students to easily switch between online and offline access with full synchronization of notes and highlights. Apps for iPad, iPhone and Android ensure anywhere, anytime access to eTextbooks.

CourseSmart also Offers "Take a Look" preview of the eTextbook and the ability to view a book description and full table of contents.


  1. Pelileco

    I am tired of working for aramark students really get on my nerves

  2. Fuvopemexivom

    A6. When you get out of their way, students can do amazing things for other people!

  3. Xasotobe

    How about that thing called due process and right to confront your accuser? It"s good for paid lawyers, just not students being accused, huh

  4. Kuzufekeroluj

    Someone was talking about how teachers should let the students decide what works best for them regarding note taking and I have thoughts™

  5. Bebagomuv

    A7-I promise to always do what"s best for students

  6. Roliwoyewucec

    A7: Wake up each morning, give thanks for what I am blessed with and know that I can make a difference with students every day!!

  7. Xegefetomocoq

    Students sharing their unique uses for a paperclip!   

  8. Cegoxodes

    A7: To use every opportunity I have to serve students and support campuses to make Promise2Purpose a reality for every student!

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