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Graph paper inches 1 12

One very interesting use of dot paper is to find the area of irregular polygons using Pick's Formula (named after Georg Alexander Pick). You could decompose an irregular polygon into regular polygons, find the area of each polygon and add the areas, or you could use the much easier Pick's Formula which is to add the number of interior dots to half of the boundary dots and subtract one.

Dot paper can actually be used for just about anything for which grid paper can be used. Dot paper is grid paper without the line segments in between the vertices. Some people prefer dot paper as the page is less busy and allows better definition of anything that is drawn on the page.

Isometric dot paper for sketching three-dimensional cube structures and other uses.

graph paper inches 1 12 Graph Paper - Printable Paper

graph paper inches 1 12 Free Online Graph Paper / Grid Paper PDFs - incompetech


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