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How to sell unlimited data plan verizon

how to sell unlimited data plan verizon when I asked what she was refering too she stated,,,,," Your Unlimited Data Plan " . What do you mean ? I asked . She goes on to tell me that I could make some money by selling my unlimited data plan to someone , and that accounts like mine were " gold ".

She went on to tell me how , and that it would have to be done through Verizons " AOL " department . Hmmmmm , I thought . I had no idea that I could sell my data plan . Interesting , I just might do that.

So 2 weeks later I call Verizon back to get some more info on how I go about selling my unlimited data account . But this time the verizon rep had a completely different answer. She stated that an unlimited data package WILL NOT TRANSFER to another person .

Hmmmmm , I thought . Which one was telling me the truth ?

So I call my local Verizon store . The guy gets on the phone , I explain to him that I was told that I could sell my data account by one rep ,,,,,and that I could NOT by another rep,,,,,,,,,,,,Which one is right ? I asked him .

Now THIS REP states,,,,,," Well first of all you cannot sell your unlimited data account , that's ILLEGAL " he said .

how to sell unlimited data plan verizon Where to sell unlimited Data Plan? : verizon - reddit

how to sell unlimited data plan verizon


  1. Tofazapayis

    Bring your phone over to Verizon with unlimited data for just $80

  2. Lopuyilotoho

    5GB a day and you can request unlimited more data a day.

  3. Jureyigovigejo

    Unlimited data or unlimited storage ???

  4. Dilokivun

    Hacker News - How Cell-Phone Plans with Unlimited Data Limited Inflation

  5. Yizozulo

    I pay 60$ a month for unlimited data that I cant use. It wont even let me use the interent. Smh.

  6. Jekibuqimudeca

    Unlimited data is a blessing

  7. Xopusapas

    When u got unlimited data

  8. Fahegoheqi

    Deadheads 1.3.3 MOD + Data Unlimited Money -

  9. Wipetitevug

    How can £70 not get you unlimited data??? On you only need to pay £20pm to free up the goods. I"m locking off my DD, come find me

  10. Tozidexijocafi

    Just got unlimited data! Time to never use wifi again!!

  11. Pevidey

    This however is the most shocking graphic. 19 EUR buys you unlimited data in Austria. 30EUR buys you 10GB in Germany.

  12. Nonisoqobiqiyi

    I finally have unlimited data feelsgoodman

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