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How to sell unlimited data plan verizon

how to sell unlimited data plan verizon when I asked what she was refering too she stated,,,,," Your Unlimited Data Plan " . What do you mean ? I asked . She goes on to tell me that I could make some money by selling my unlimited data plan to someone , and that accounts like mine were " gold ".

She went on to tell me how , and that it would have to be done through Verizons " AOL " department . Hmmmmm , I thought . I had no idea that I could sell my data plan . Interesting , I just might do that.

So 2 weeks later I call Verizon back to get some more info on how I go about selling my unlimited data account . But this time the verizon rep had a completely different answer. She stated that an unlimited data package WILL NOT TRANSFER to another person .

Hmmmmm , I thought . Which one was telling me the truth ?

So I call my local Verizon store . The guy gets on the phone , I explain to him that I was told that I could sell my data account by one rep ,,,,,and that I could NOT by another rep,,,,,,,,,,,,Which one is right ? I asked him .

Now THIS REP states,,,,,," Well first of all you cannot sell your unlimited data account , that's ILLEGAL " he said .

how to sell unlimited data plan verizon Where to sell unlimited Data Plan? : verizon - reddit

how to sell unlimited data plan verizon


  1. Tofazapayis

    Bring your phone over to Verizon with unlimited data for just $80

  2. Lopuyilotoho

    5GB a day and you can request unlimited more data a day.

  3. Jureyigovigejo

    Unlimited data or unlimited storage ???

  4. Dilokivun

    Hacker News - How Cell-Phone Plans with Unlimited Data Limited Inflation

  5. Yizozulo

    I pay 60$ a month for unlimited data that I cant use. It wont even let me use the interent. Smh.

  6. Jekibuqimudeca

    Unlimited data is a blessing

  7. Xopusapas

    When u got unlimited data

  8. Fahegoheqi

    Deadheads 1.3.3 MOD + Data Unlimited Money -

  9. Wipetitevug

    How can £70 not get you unlimited data??? On you only need to pay £20pm to free up the goods. I"m locking off my DD, come find me

  10. Tozidexijocafi

    Just got unlimited data! Time to never use wifi again!!

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