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How to write a health proposal

how to write a health proposal

A medical supply company would need to describe specific products and address how to train employees in the proper usage of those products.

A charity delivering hospice services to homebound patients would need to discuss Privacy and Legal Considerations, Personnel, Religion, Teamwork with family and other care providers, End of Life issues, and so forth.

Here are examples of healthcare proposals created using Proposal Pack:

Next, after the section describing how you can provide solutions to the client's needs comes the final section, where you provide data about your organization and your experience.

To make sure you've got a persuasive proposal, think about the following:[10]
  • Discuss the larger impact of your ideas. Ideas that seem of limited applicability aren't as likely to spark enthusiasm in readers as ideas that could have widespread effects. Example: "Greater knowledge of tuna behavior can allow us to create a more comprehensive management strategy and ensure canned tuna for future generations."
  • Addressing why you will do something is as important as stating what you will do. Presume that your readers are skeptical and will not accept your ideas at face value. If you're proposing to do a catch-and-release study of 2,000 wild tuna, why? Why is that better than something else? If it's more expensive than another option, why can't you use the cheaper option? Anticipating and addressing these questions will show that you've considered your idea from all angles.
  • Your readers should leave your paper assured that you can solve the problem effectively. Literally everything you write should either address the problem or how to solve it.
) including reasons why you have chosen this approach. Academic sources should be cited as your rationale. Once this is established, you should briefly mention who will comprise your participant base and how you will solicit participants. This should be followed by a section discussing what instruments will be used if any, why they were chosen or if you created one, etc. How results will be gathered and compiled should also be mentioned as should how your analysis will be generated. Each of these sections should represent their own section heads of your proposal.

Time table to complete your health research proposal

Your proposal should end with a brief time table, presenting estimated times for completion of the major stages of your research effort. For example:

  1. Write research proposal 1 Week January 1 – 7
  2. Prepare survey instrument 1 Week January 8 – 14
  3. Recruit participants 2 Weeks January 8 – 22 (overlapping)

Include all the major steps and times associated with completing your research effort.

If it does fit their budget, be sure to include why it's worth their time and money.
  • 5

    Wrap up with a conclusion. This should mirror your introduction, succinctly wrapping up your general message. If there are consequences to your proposal not being undertaken, address them. Summarize the benefits of your proposal and drive home that the benefits outweigh the costs. Leave your audience thinking ahead. And, as always, thank them for their consideration and time.[13]
    • If you have extra content that doesn't exactly fit into your proposal, you may want to add an appendix. But know that if your paper is too bulky, it may scare people off. If you're in doubt, leave it out.
    • If you have two or more appendices attached to your proposal, letter them A, B, etc. This can be used if you have data sheets, reprints of articles, or letters of endorsement and the like.[11]
  • 6

    Edit your work. Be meticulous in writing, editing, and designing the proposal.
  • If your proposal doesn't prove that your solution works, it's not an adequate solution. If your solution isn't feasible, nix it. Think about the results of your solution, too. Pre-test it if possible and revise your solution if need be.
  • 4

    Include a schedule and budget. Your proposal represents an investment. In order to convince your readers that you're a good investment, provide as much detailed, concrete information about your timeline and budget as possible.[11][12]

    Don't: include objectives that are vague, impossible to measure, or don't relate to the stated problem.
    Do: detail responsibilities and time commitments on the level of departments or individual staff.

    • When do you envision the project starting? At what pace will it progress? How does each step build on the other? Can certain things be done simultaneously? Being as meticulous as possible will give your readers confidence that you've done your homework and won't waste their money.
  • You may need specialized topics that address your employees' education or experience in specific medical conditions or practices. Add pages with details the client will want to know, such as descriptions of your Personnel, your Training Plan, Certifications, Insurance, Facilities, Safety Plan, Policies, Security, and so on.

    Your individual proposal pages will vary according to your business.

    A records management company may have to deal with selling both services and hardware and software products.

    A medical transcription and billing service would include topics such as Services Provided, Rates, Transcription, References, Qualifications, Billing Options, and so on.

    After you have included all the pages you need, spend some time to make your proposal visually appealing. Your goal is to stand out from your competition. Consider selecting fonts and custom bullet points that match your business style, using pages with colored borders, and incorporating your organization's logo to add interest. Learn how to effectively select colors for a winning business proposal.

    Proposal Pack for Any Business covers healthcare proposals and includes the samples listed above. There are also some specialty design themes available:

    Be sure to proofread and spell-check every page.


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