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Research papers for software project management

research papers for software project management View Project Management Research Papers on Academia.edu for free. Software Engineering, Project Management. Project Management, Project Portfolio Management. CS 5212 Software Project Management Project Report – Research Paper STUDY ON MANAGEMENT OF OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE PROJECTS By Krishnan Nair Srijith (HT006458L. Free project management papers available for download immediately!. aspects into project management processes. This white paper introduces the. Academic Research Papers. topics for a research paper in software project management?. topics in Software Project Management for research in. Research paper topics for software project management research paper topics for software project management. research topics project management Freelancers, or work.

research papers for software project management

Project Management Research Paper | Research Papers on.

Who talks to whom? How is the organizational structure (who reports to whom) and actual physical arrangement (if in the same physical place) affecting whether there are roadblocks to information transmission between people?

The orientation of the coders is technical, but if you want to look at project management, you need to look at the people and their working relationships.

There are several bodies of research literature that would be relevant to this question--information seeking research in information science, organizational learning in the management literature, and the human side of information management and knowledge management.

One more element: documentation. This is an important informational aspect of project management that most everybody dislikes, because they have to stop what they are doing to document progress so far, decisions made, etc. But this work is crucial to the success of a project. Thus, important issues involve looking at how documentation is handled, how to give people incentive to do the work, and how to keep it simple but effective.

Large-scale clone detection also opens new challenges beyond asking for the provenance of a single clone fragment, such as assessing the prevalence of code clones on the entire code base, and their evolution. We propose a set of lightweight techniques that may scale up to very large amounts of source code in the presence of multiple versions. The common idea behind these techniques is to use bad hashing to get a quick answer. We report on a case study, the Squeaksource ecosystem, which features thousands of software projects, with more than 40 million versions of methods, across more than seven years of evolution. We provide estimates for the prevalence of type-1, type-2, and type-3 clones in Squeaksource.


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