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Resume examples barista

resume examples barista

Building a resume is not an easy job. You need it to be eye-catching, yet professional, organized and competent. Your resume needs to show potential employers that you are qualified and capable to perform the task at hand. It’s a tough job, but worth it in every aspect. Luckily, LiveCareer has done most of the hard work for you. We have consulted with industry experts to evaluate resumes for particular jobs that interest you. Now you can focus your time on acing the interview while we help you create an outstanding resume that will help you land the job. Here is a sample barista resume that we have supplied adept advice on to help you create your own.

Use paragraph form in the summary section

A summary section is a great addition to the top of your resume. It quickly allows the hiring manager to see your strengths, while showcasing a bit of your personality. When you create your own summary section, make sure to write it out in paragraph form, rather than using bullet points. It should read as a conversation, and you want the hiring manager to visualize you saying it. It’s the first step towards scoring an interview. Here is an example of a summary section: Wrong

  • Adaptable, able to multi-task, and interact professionally
  • Four years of experience managing multiple schedules
  • Right Professional, adaptable barista with exceptional multi-tasking skills and several years of experience in a bustling coffee shop. Experience in managing multiple schedules and demonstrating strong interpersonal and customer service skills.

    Include details and specifics

    Your resume is a great place to list out your experience and education, but make sure you include what you did and what you learned. Employers can quickly scan a list of your prior employment, but what they really want to see is the specifics. What did you do? What did you learn? How did you overcome challenges? Be brief on your resume, but mention explicit details so the employer gains an understanding of your knowledge depth. Here is an example: Wrong Barista and Trainer 01/2013 to Current

  • Multi-task while serving customers
  • Ensure customer satisfaction
  • Train new baristas
  • Right Barista and Trainer 01/2013 to Current

  • Quickly gained the ability to multi-task while serving several customers at one time.
  • Became a favorite barista amongst customers and co-workers for maintaining a cheerful, positive attitude.
  • Rapidly became proficient in my job duties and was promoted to trainer status, where I taught new employees the art of being a professional barista.
  • Don’t mention a high school diploma

    A resume is typically short, only a page or two of the most essential information that will help you get the job. It isn’t important to mention a high school diploma in such a small amount of space. Most employers consider a high school education to be a given when seeking job applicants. Focus your resume on college or university classes or degrees, especially those that are applicable to the position. If your educational highlights are lacking depth, consider playing up your experience.

    Use correct grammar, capitalization and punctuation

    You only have one chance to impress a hiring manager with your resume. Use the space well, and make sure it looks professional and sharp. Have a friend or family member look over it for grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors. These are easy to miss, but make a big impression. The first word of every sentence and every bullet point should be capitalized. And bullet points that are a complete sentence need a period at the end. Get started today on your own barista resume by utilizing QuintCareer’s Resume Builder. Create your own professional resume in minutes that will help you land the job of your dreams.

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resume examples barista Starbucks Barista Resume Sample - Quintessential LiveCareer

resume examples barista Barista Resume samples - VisualCV resume samples database

m. rush.

Barista Resume Highlights - Skills and Responsibilities

What skills have you gained in your coffee house jobs or elsewhere in the service industry?

  • Coffee knowledge
  • Brewing
  • Cashiering
  • Service

Barista Resume Highlights - Success Stories

Show off your success mixing efficiency and friendly service:

  • Customer loyalty
  • Rave reviews
  • Leadership roles

Barista Resume Example

Barista, Have You Bean, Roaster City, CA
July 2013 - Present


  • Coffee preparation: Utilize knowledge of coffee drink combinations to prepare highly-specific coffee drinks; stock work stations; maintain sanitary and tidy work area.
  • Cashiering: Enter drink orders into computerized cash register; handle cash and make change; process credit cards; open, close, and balance drawer.

A barista otherwise known as a bartender is that friendly worker usually behind the counter at any coffee shop; they make and deliver coffees to whomever cares and orders.

A barista’s job description entails using a coffee machine to produce espresso coffees and making them into cappuccinos, lattes, and macchiatos.

He/she will also be required to serve snacks and light meals.

To be effective at this work, customer service skills would be an important skill that one would need to develop.

It usually involves working on shift patterns, and most of the times working on some weekends and holidays.

They are also responsible for providing you with a description of available menu items and suggesting possible products that might appeal to you.

Baristas are usually known for their ability to be great multi-taskers; making beverages in an extremely fast paced environment – following the standard recipes and also getting it right the first time.

If you are someone who loves working in a fast-paced environment; hot, busy and noisy, this is an ideal job for you.

This is one role that can be so physically demanding, as it requires standing up on your feet for long hours, and as such only someone who is physically fit can work at it effectively.

You want to be a Barista! Fantastic! Congratulations on entering a wonderful world of gourmet coffee and espresso brewing, friendly interactions with customers and an exploration of the specialty coffees of the world.

The first thing you need to do to prepare your application to work at a coffee is to make sure you have a perfect resume. This is nine-tenths of the battle, and the rest is just your charm and smile!

If you want to work as a barista as well as at the front counter of your local coffee shop or your neighborhood Starbucks then you have to polish up your resume until it is squeaky clean and sparkling with your positive attitude, willingness to learn, and all of your previous qualifications presented in the proper manner.

Follow the steps below to ensure that you put your best foot forward, and at the end of this article you can study up on Barista Skills to make sure you are aware of all of the proper activities of a Master Barista!

It’s a fine line between extending some conversation with a customer if it is holding up the progress of the line and your progress performing your Barista duties.

There are subtle ways to keep things moving, and you should make sure to let your employer know that you are one of those people who can multi-task and use common sense in balancing chit-chat with the industrious performance of your duty.

Being Both Fast AND Friendly is Hallmark of Professional Barista

Remember that you have to be both fast AND friendly to be a true asset to any fine purveyor of coffee beverages.

If you linger too long chatting up a particular customer and listening to their stories about a garage sale last week the customer in line behind them may become particularly annoyed since the person has already ordered and payed for their drink. Gently move the customer on so you can proceed.

A professional barista can move the customer on toward picking up their coffee drink and keep the line moving.

Consistency and Reliability Key to Barista Job

Every customer needs to be treated with respect and every Barista should keep this professional attitude at all times. Make sure you never bring your own personal problems into your work environment. You need to be consistent and reliable to perform as a master Barista.

Perhaps the most important role of being a Barista in a fine coffee shop is the ability to deal with a pushy, annoying or outright rude customer without violating your own standards.

Perhaps you may have to tolerate someone who is very obnoxious, but this never means that you can be obnoxious in response. Keep a cool and level head in all situation. Do whatever you can to satisfy an irrational customer without displaying any attitude in return. A master Barista is never rude.

This is how you build up a client base who love to keep coming back to see your smiling face and experience your efficient and consistent service making their favorite coffee drink just how they like it.

Repeat customers are the lifeblood of a business. When applying for work as a Barista make sure to convey your positive attitude – and the fact that you are a “people person” – throughout the application including in the cover letter of your resume as well as in the Resume Profile section and/or the Skills Summary section.

A friendly and warm demeanor is likely the main thing the coffee shop manager is looking for in addition to Barista skills. Perhaps mention how you like to remember people’s names and greet them by name. Later in this article we will show you ways to make sure you convey your people skills throughout your Barista Resume.

The Job of a Barista – Barista Resume Tips

A primary job of a barista is to prepare excellent coffee and espresso and specialty coffee drinks. The barista can make a great coffee beverage to suit the customer.

Another useful skill of a Barista is to possess a general knowledge about coffee and in particular the coffee bean qualities that determine a fine coffee.

If you have a chance to attend a Coffee Cupping or a Barista competition it will be a good resume builder and will advance you one step closer to becoming a master Barista.

Keeping a Tidy Workplace – Barista Resume Tips

For many coffee shop owners as well as customers a primary concern is keeping a very tidy and clean workplace. This requires vigilance throughout the day and requires a Barista who has good cleanliness habits. Make sure you convey this on your Barista Resume.

This cleanliness extends to the Barista’s own physical appearance and hygiene habits as well as their workplace habits and behaviors. Even an exceedingly friendly Barista’s positive attitude will not make up for a slovenly appearance or habits.

Cleanliness Is Next to Godliness

Customers are often very picky about cleanliness and if they feel an establishment as unsafe food and beverage practices or employees who don’t value cleanliness they may never come back.

Also a professional barista makes sure to keep their hands cleaned and their fingernails trimmed. Clothing should be clean and not old and tattered.

Barista Resume Skills – Maintaining a Proper Workplace

The Barista also knows how to maintain a clean and tidy workplace environment which requires paying constant attention to detail regarding wiping down counters, keeping equipment clean, etc.

When making an espresso the Barista keeps the espresso equipment clean including wiping down the steaming wand after each espresso.

Remember that your evaluation as a potential Barista begins at the moment you ask for the application so make sure and have a clean and fresh appearance at the moment you receive the application (the initial meeting) as well as when you drop off the application and Barista Resume.

Consider these to be your first interviews and give a great first impression.

Barista Physical Appearance and First Impressions

When choosing the proper attire to wear to get the application, and to drop off the application and your Barista Resume, as well as for attending an interview with the coffee shop manager, choose an outfit that is appropriate to the particular coffee shop.

Depending on the atmosphere of the cafe, a scruffy (but well kempt) look may be acceptable. Most food establishments will frown (or outright ban) long, loose hair on your head or beard to avoid the dreaded hair-in-your-food.

Try to wear a fairly new outfit and provide the appearance of a very well-kept, well-organized professional Barista.

Professional Barista as Multi-Tasker – Barista Resume Tips

The master Barista is the consummate multi-tasker. This includes taking customer’s orders, preparing drinks, keeping the inventory well-stocked, keeping the establishment clean and preparing fantastic coffee and espresso drinks, among other things.

Remember that multi-tasking is different than simply being hyper-active or busy all of the time.

A good multi-tasker is always prioritizing what is the most important single thing they could be doing at the moment – this is where good communication with other workers as well as customers comes in – so as to keep customers happy and keep the coffee shop moving forward in an efficient, professional manner.

Keep this in mind when writing your Barista Resume as there are subtle ways to mention this very important quality that is highly valued by coffee shop owners and managers.

A master Barista thrives in a fast-paced environment and does not become frazzled when the establishment is busy. Convey on your Barista Resume that you are this type of person.

Painting a Picture of a Master Barista – Tips for Barista Resumes

The words you use on your Barista Resume will paint a picture of your character and habits. This is your chance to put your best foot forward and show the coffee shop management the breadth and depth of your commitment and desire to work at their establishment.

Don’t be afraid to be creative as you craft your Barista Resume. Express without reservations your best qualities and then go back and edit the Barista Resume and continue to polish it up until it provides a well-rounded picture of you in a very professional way.

In high volume cafes and coffee shops, a cashier will frequently be on the cash full time with more experienced baristas preparing the drinks. As a cashier, your job is to communicate effectly with the customer and keep the line going. Skills can be trained over time (during slow periods, for example) if you have no experience and want to get a job in a coffee shop.

The Barista Resume should convey your positive attitude and generally outgoing, even bubbly personality. Mention that you like to bring smile’s to customer’s faces and how the best part of the job is providing them with a great coffee shop experience so they return again and again.

Don’t be modest on your Barista Resume. Your modesty will shine through in a personal interview. In your Barista Resume you need to say everything that is great about yourself in a very short amount of words overall, so the word’s need to be chosen carefully and arranged properly.

Remember the overall theme of creating a positive customer experience as you describe your own positive attributes.

List not only coffee shops but any work or experience in food service, any overall business experience, and any experience working with the public as these are all important skills of a Barista.

Also mention any classes you may have taken that relate to any of these skills including food service, business practices, and people skills. If you are currently studying any of these topics you may mention that as well.

Finally if you have any first aid training, CPR training, or experience and awareness of proper emergency procedures, this is a valuable asset to coffee shop management and should be highlighted on you Barista Resume.

Elaborate On Your Barista Experience

If you have previously been employed for a coffee house or cafe then don’t just day that you worked at a coffee shop.

Elaborate on the many tasks that you excelled at and how you performed them in a professional manner all the while improving your skills both with coffee shop management and customer relations.

If you have previously worked as a barista and have developed the skills to brew fine espresso coffee drinks mention how you have improved this skill.

If you have not done this then mention your current abilities and willingness to learn while displaying an ability to learn quickly and in particular the ability to pay attention to the many details involved in assuring quality control for preparing coffee and specialty coffee drinks.

Exploring the Gourmet Coffee Community – Barista Resume Tips

If you have some time before you are going to apply for your dream Barista job then do a Google search for some local Barista events or anything to do with fine coffee.

Contact the event organizers and offer to volunteer if they need help as this will be notable on your Barista Resume and will also teach you about the industry and about the world’s gourmet coffees. You can also read up on the world’s finest gourmet coffees by clicking here: Gourmet Coffees of the World.

Espresso Brewing Tips – Preparing Your Barista Resume

Now let’s just go over a few basic things about espresso and espresso brewing so you don’t come in like a novice.

Many coffee shop owners and managers don’t mind training new employees but it helps if you have some knowledge so they know they aren’t starting from scratch with a new worker in an industry that sometimes has a high turnover.

What Does a Barista Do? – Barista Job Description

At the most basic level a Barista makes great coffee as well as espresso and can prepare outstanding coffee drinks including espresso-based specialty coffee drinks (espresso drinks) such as Cappuccinos and Lattes.

To make espresso a Barista needs to be skilled at the operation of the espresso machine which provides a pressurized extraction to create a gourmet espresso shot by forcing hot water through the compacted (tamped) roasted and ground coffee.

A typical shot of espresso is about 1.5 ounces in volume and is made using about six to nine grams of coffee per shot of espresso.

Since there are many types of espresso machines a Barista should know how to adapt to these different machines and in each case utilize it to produce a properly extracted shot of espresso.

Choosing the Espresso Beans

One important job a Barista is sometimes required to do is to choose and evaluate coffee beans for use in making espresso as well as regular brewed coffee. Espresso coffee beans are usually given a Dark Roast which is typically referred to as Espresso Roast.

By choosing the right coffee beans the Barista assures a high quality espresso shot with a great strength and concentration providing an intensely flavorful shot with a thick consistency and robust taste.

Master Barista Tips – Factors in Brewing Espresso

The master Barista evaluates many different factors when brewing a shot of espresso, from the temperature of the water to the amount of pressure being provided by the espresso maker to the coffee itself.

Determining Proper Grind Size for Espresso Brewing

One variable of the espresso-brewing process that a Barista needs to master is determining the proper coffee grind size.

In general the grind size for espresso is very fine though it varies a bit depending upon the type of espresso machine you are using (if you are using a steam-driven espresso machine then you need to grind the coffee a bit finer than if you are using a pump-driven espresso machine) as well as other factors.

A high-end Barista will be aware that preparing gourmet coffee id done best by using a high-quality coffee grinder.

Coffee Grinders for the Master Barista

The best consistency when it comes to grind size and also the manner in which the coffee is ground is provided by a conical burr grinder rather than a wheel burr grinder.

The poorest choice is a blade coffee grinder because it produces an inconsistent particle size and also can generate excess heat that may essentially re-roast the beans.


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