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School trip packed lunch ideas

school trip packed lunch ideas

We had a couple of field trips lately and I wanted to share our disposable field trip lunches with you.

This field trip lunch was for a regular field trip for First Grade:

I packed a strawberry container with:

I have gotten some questions lately about packing disposable field trip lunches and wanted to show you how I generally pack mine:

1) I layer napkins into the strawberry container.

2) I add the apple or other heavier large items like an applesauce or pudding.

3) Try to fill up the bottom with the heavier items like a cereal or fig bar.

4) Next, I added the pocket sandwich.

5) Last but not not least: the juice pouch. I froze mine to use as a cooler and added a piece of wax paper between the sandwich and juice pouch so the sandwich would not get soggy. Depending on your juice pouch or container you can also add the juice box first and layer the heavy items on top finishing with the sandwich. My son likes his sandwich very cold and that is why I chose to layer the juice pouch on top of the sandwich :)

6) Fold over the napkins to cover the lunch...

7) ...add a cute Lunchbox Love Card and you have a fun and thoughtful field trip lunch without squished sandwiches and broken crackers :)

Disposable Field Trip Lunch for Sports Day

The school requested a disposable brown bag lunch for last week's field trip and this is was we packed for lunch:

  • Mott's all natural Applesauce
  • Cheez-It Scrabble crackers
  • a peanut butter sandwich
  • carrots and cucumbers
  • grapes in a paper muffin cup
  • and three blueberry morning cookies as well as
  • a big bottle of water
To prevent the peanut butter sandwich and grapes to be squished, I packed everything into a recyclable sandwich deli box. With the added fun napkin and Lunchbox Love Note - wishing them a great day - it was a fun and special day lunch. The bottle of water and deli sandwich box fit in a XL brown paper bag!

And if you want to stock up on Lunchbox Love Cards for lunches and upcoming field trips, use my code Mamabel to get 15% off right now :)

school trip packed lunch ideas Disposable Field Trip Lunches {with Tutorial}

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