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Stuyvesant high school tutoring

stuyvesant high school tutoring Stuyvesant High School Parent Handbook published by The Stuyvesant High School Parents’ Association Contents 1. Introduction 2 Though the new Stuyvesant building was built less than 20 years ago, the high school was founded more than 100 years ago. Stuyvesant High School is named after Peter Stuyvesant, the last Dutch governor of New Netherland before the colony was transferred to England in 1664. Connect one-on-one with a great tutor near Stuyvesant High School instantly. Get live, on-demand help from an expert. Try it for free.

Stuyvesant To High. Get Stuyvesant: About All Into How

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Peer Tutoring: ARISTA members can tutor Stuyvesant students in any subject during their free periods, after school, or any time the tutor and tutee can meet. This year, we are using a website to handle all peer tutoring requests, pairings, and crediting. The URL of that site is: stuy.yourhonorsociety.com. If you wish to engage in peer tutoring, you must create an account on this website. When creating this account, be sure that you have created a tutor account. When you login for the first time, feel free to update your availability to reflect when you are actually available. Also please fill out all of the courses that you feel comfortable tutoring in as well as the grade that you received in that course (if it was a two semester course, please average the two grades). Most importantly: when you click Find a Tutee it will attempt to pair you up with a tutee that has requested tutoring.
There is no guessing penalty for performance on the exam, so students should choose answers for every question. The entire exam lasts approximately two and a half hours, and it is self-timed. This means students need to study and to practice timing themselves with a watch so they can build up stamina for the real test.

Scoring on the SHSAT is done by the Department of Education, which administers the test. Every year, the DOE curves test results to reach the right target student performance, and they allocate scaled scores to the test-takers from 200 through 800. These scores are key for high school admittance, because the high schools all have specific cutoff scores for their new freshman classes.

Stuyvesant High School

ARISTA is Stuyvesant High School's chapter of the National Honor Society. We strive to proudly serve our community and aspire to be the role models and leaders of the future. By participating in school events, volunteering with outside organizations, and tutoring underclassmen, we uphold the four pillars of ARISTA: character, leadership, scholarship, and service.

Stuy is one of the specialized high schools in NYC, but students don't need to show a portfolio of work or do any interviews. In fact, the only way to be accepted is to ace the Specialized High School Admissions Test (SHSAT) in the fall for entry the following year. Read on to find out how to get into Stuyvesant and whether it is the right school for you if you qualify.

Stuyvesant High School | School Overview

Stuy was founded in 1904 as a small all-boys school, but it became co-ed in 1969 and has grown to over three thousand students. The people at Stuy tend to have strong STEM interests (science, technology, engineering, and math), and the school sends many of its students to top colleges every year.

At Stuy, students follow an accelerated course of study and generally finish their Regents requirements by the end of junior year. This leaves senior year free for students to pursue electives, ranging from technical drawing to computer science to robotics.

Juniors and seniors are able to help out and give advice to students who visit the Writing Center. Sign ups for this opportunity have occurred already, as information was circulated throughout English classes. Each session will be worth one credit.

In order to receive credit, you must sign in and out on the master spreadsheet that will be at the Writing Center, as well as have a teacher sign off on it to say you were there. If you participated in the Writing Center before this email was sent, just make a list of the times you came in, have a teacher from the Writing Center sign off on it, and put it into the ARISTA mailbox.

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If you are unable to make an AIS session that you are confirmed for, email us at least 48 hours in advance with your excuse. If it is approved, we will email you back with a Google form to fill out.

CS Dojo: 

The CS Dojo is an opportunity for tutors to help out Stuyvesant students in computer science. It's held after school at Stuyvesant Mondays through Thursdays in room 307. There is no official signup--tutors can walk in and help.

If you wish to receive credit, you must have a teacher sign off on the session you spent tutoring using the AIS crediting sheet. Each session will be worth one credit.

Stuy Prep: Tutor underprivileged middle school students and help them prepare for the SHSAT exam. Tutoring sessions are worth 1.5 credits and happen after school at Stuyvesant every Monday and Wednesday.

Total students at the school is approximately 3050, and there are about 800 students per grade. For more information, check out the Stuy website.

How to Get Into Stuyvesant | Admissions Information

Stuy is one of the specialized high schools in New York City, so admittance is only granted through getting a top score on the SHSAT.

Stuyvesant High School | What is the SHSAT?

This comprehensive exam is required for all of the specialized high schools in NYC, and it covers a variety of math and verbal topics. The exam is broken into math and verbal – the math questions are all multiple-choice and make up roughly half the exam. The verbal section has plenty of different problems, including logic, scrambled paragraphs, and reading comprehensive based on selected passages. With all the studying going on for these topics, students should be relieved that there is no mandatory essay.

The National Honor Society (or ARISTA in New York City public high schools) is a prestigious recognition program for high school students in the United States and several other countries. NHS honors those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. (Wikipedia)

Stuyvesant ARISTA is Stuyvesant High School's chapter of the National Honor Society. We strive to proudly serve our community and aspire to be the role models and leaders of the future.

Stuyvesant ARISTA is exclusively for juniors and seniors. Members are expected to uphold the four pillars of ARISTA (character, leadership, scholarship, and service) by being active members of our community, which includes participating in school events (open house, parent-teacher conference monitors, etc.) or volunteer opportunities with other organizations, such as charity walks. Additionally, ARISTA members are expected to tutor underclassmen through AIS or peer-tutoring.

If you are an underclassman who wishes to request a one-on-one ARISTA tutor, you can create an account to do so at this site: http://stuy.yourhonorsociety.com.

On this website, members will be able to view their credits, a calendar of upcoming events, and more.

Information for Members

This page details the credit requirements for an ARISTA member, as well as important information regarding strikes.


Events Calendar

This page helps you keep track of upcoming events.

View Credits

This page will link you to the spreadsheets for events credits, tutoring credits, and strikes.

Tutoring Opportunities

This page lists the many ways an ARISTA member can receive tutoring credits. (In-school tutoring is strongly recommended.)


Contact Information

Find out where to e-mail us with any questions about your credits or other ARISTA-related problems.


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