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The lost tools of learning essay

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RE: The Lost Tools of Learning: Essay from 1947

Think so? The philosophy is to teach people the tools of learning, not knowledge per se. The idea is that the art of learning Latin (or Russian, as she argues) is a lesson in itself that will benefit the carpenter's son, not just the professor's. I wonder if it's testable.

That someone would argue we should "use" propaganda rather than work towards its abolition is a symptom of the disease that afflicts our society. I don't remember if this includes yourself, otherwise ignore, but we spend an inordinate amount of time in here trying to resolve our absolute standards of what makes a man a man. By simple association, a good man, a role model. Because morals tie us together, and role models guide us and spare us wasted efforts and offer us valuable lessons at little cost.

I cannot believe our idea of the man to emulate is one who condones taking advantage of those too stupid to know better, in order further his own causes. Then to what moral authority would you appeal when someone takes advantage of your stupidity to further their interests to your detriment?

That's ridiculous. Not just for my own sake, but for the children I intend to sire, which is the reason we're all here - to fuck more bitches to make more babies. We might not want the babies right now, but our biology requires us to leave a legacy. It's in our DNA. Some people are freaks and are happy without children, yeah, but they're not representative and should not be thought of thus. And for that legacy to be more successful, we must also leave a social fabric and a society that will maximize its chances of success.

The mathematical solution is civilization. Western Civilization is arguably the best version of that yet. Therefore I can't see how any man with a brain except those with a deathwish and a desire to see all their children wiped out would seriously believe using propaganda to gain an advantage was a good idea at all.

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the lost tools of learning essay

Circe Lost Tools of Institute | Writing


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