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Write for me punishment

write for me punishment

Mike Swickey over at Papernotes writes about his pet peeve:


"The scenario is usually something like this: Johnny or Sally is late for class
(or some such thing), and the teacher tells them that their punishment will be,
"a writing assignment." Ugh. In the mildest form it is usually the old, "I WILL
NOT ________" 100 times on the board or on paper. This is bad enough as it makes
the connection between pen and paper and punishment. However, at its worst, the
"punishment" is an actual writing assignment. Maybe it’s an essay on why it’s
important to not be late. Maybe it’s a report on anything, as long as it is X
number of words. Sometimes it is a two-page biographical sketch of the student’s
choice. (In and of itself – an excellent educational activity!) But as
punishment? The message is clear. If you, Johnny or Sally, do something wrong
you may very well be forced to write – and we know how much you hate to write!
(Or if you don’t hate to write, you should!).."

Paper Notes


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Biohazard – Punishment lyrics

(Spoken Prelude)
Come on God, answer Me. For years I'm asking you Why?
Why are the innocent dead and the guilty alive?
Where is Justice? Where is Punishment?
Or have you already answered? Have you already said to the world:
"Here is Justice! Here is Punishment! Here, in Me?"

I question not me, it only happens to others
I can't deny reality as life gets smothered
If the lines can be read between
Maybe you can tell me then what it all means
Cause he who paints the big picture runs the whole scene
Locked down, I gotta get it out
Impending doom, a cloud above my head
Why me?

Controlled fate? On the corner rolling dice
Punishment, but I've done nothing wrong
In my eyes, who really pays the price
My lament, for the human race
Guilty, punishment for all my sins, yeah, yeah
Dread the day that brings the truth
Punishment for what I've done
Sentence me for all my sins
Bound in fear for what I've got
Though not much it seems a lot
Life is death and no one wins
Bustin' my ass, another day another dollar, as I kneel down and I
Confress to the father that I'm suffering a burning question of
The truth, wether or not to pull the trigger or to jump right
Off the roof, 'cause I did things normal and just like all my friends
But now I'm positive and life it all ends
Punishment, for all my sins, I repent
In reality, we all must face the facts that the majority
Of the people are out there smoking crack, getting doped up,
Shooting that shit into their veins, the question must be asked if
We have any brains left, or right or wrong in this son, a
Question we all ask and must answer before long, 'cause no one
Is safe in this world, what's the deal, the sentence is death and to
What court do I appeal?
Hi everybody,

I am new to the joys or should that be misery of writing punishment lines. I've been looking through some of your postings and I would definitely like to join in the fun.

As said I have just started so at the moment I have just been giving myself lines to do, obviously that's not as fun as having someone else dictate what I would have to write, how many times and giving a deadline.

So please would any one be willing to give me some limes to do or share some examples of what you have had to do. I am particularly intersted the type that a woman would make a naughty husband or boyfriend write i.e." This is a punishment because I did not do as (insert female name) told me"

Thanks a lot


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