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Writing activities for adverbs

writing activities for adverbs

writing activities for adverbs Purdue OWL Writing Exercises

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writing activities for adverbs Adverb Fun - English Classroom Activity for 4th ... - JumpStart

writing activities for adverbs Adverbs Worksheets | Education.com

It is important for students to learn the difference between adjectives and adverbs so there are 53 worksheets and activities posted by other teachers to help you and your students with this. This is a popular adjectives vs. adverbs practice activity among busy teachers. It is cleverly designed to be appealing to students and consists of just one exercise where students decide whether words are adverbs, adjectives, or both. This can be used as an introduction to see what students know or as a practice activity for lower level learners. For more worksheets on this topic, browse through the section; you are bound to find something your students will enjoy.
Some students confuse adjectives and adverbs. If this is the case for your students, consider devoting a lesson to clarifying the purposes of these parts of speech. Say a word aloud and ask students to decide if it is an adjective, adverb, or both. This is a great warm up activity and will help you determine how much time you will need to spend helping your students learn the difference. Another great way to practice parts of speech is to do a mad libs activity. On the first worksheet, students have to think of words that match the parts of speech and once they have completed that, they can use their words to fill in the blanks on the second worksheet which contains a story. Doing this activity will help you decide whether or not your students are confusing adjectives and adverbs.

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First Semester A2 Level Exam

This is a test on questions , negative responses and positive responses with verbs "have" , "do", "like + ing", all in present simple. There are also exercises on adverbs, daily routines, places a ...

3 Views 3,395 Exam
Adjective vs. Adverb


Grammar » Adjectives vs. Adverbs

Take a look at the best word to complete a sentence. It is very helpful to understand the difference between adjectives and adverbs. Students have to fill in the missing adverbs or adjectives. Sa ...

8 Views 15,028 Elem
Things Fall Apart - Reading

sara djamal

it is a reading comprehension lesson. This worksheet makes learners move slowly from skimming the intro scanning to understand the text and enrich his or her vocabulary.

4 Views 7,198 Pre-Int
Figure out Parts of Speech

The activity (which is basically just one slide) is aimed at helping your students to figure out parts of speech in the text. The words in red are non-existent, thus you can use this activity even ...

3 Views 9,281 Pre-IntIntAdv
Grade 3 Review Test

Just a test I made for my class of 3rd graders. This reviews some grammar, spelling and science information from the Grade 2 Spectrum series of textbooks. Included is a fill-in-the blanks activity ...

6 Views 10,705 ElemPre-Int
Adjectives vs Adverbs
Adjectives vs. Adverbs, Adverb

Reminder of the rules: adverbs and adjectives and their difference. There are example sentences which help them to understand the difference. There are also spelling rules and the exceptions: fast ...

8 Views 19,652 All
Song Worksheet: Gone Gone Gone by Phillip Phillips

I've prepared this song for mi pre-Cambridge students, i.e, advanced level but it can also be used with other levels. It's a nice song that they can listen while practising wordformation, fi ...

6 Views 11,680 IntAdv
Song Worksheet: Beautifully Broken by Gov't Mule (Adverbs and Adjectives)

A song to practice regular adverbs and adverbs vs adjectives.

4 Views 8,463 Pre-Int
Reading Worksheet: The Princess and the Tin Box by James Thurber

Who wins the hand of the Princess in marriage? An entertaining parody great for grades 5, 6, and 7. Students will enjoy filling missing details and predicting whom the princess shall choose ...

8 Views 9,851 Pre-IntInt
Mad Lib: The World's Worst Bedtime Story

This can turn out to be a hilarious activity, specially if your group is fun and creative. A Mad Lib is a funny, often ridiculous story created when you fill in the blanks with the part of speech ...

11 Views 14,639 ElemPre-IntInt
Such or So?
Grammar » Adjectives vs. Adverbs

The following power point presentation is a mini-tutorial on the use of "so" and "such." It can serve as a revision or an introduction of the topics.

8 Views 7,345 Pre-Int
Word Formation (Adjectives, Adverbs, Comparison)

This worksheet is useful for practicing formation of adjectives and adverbs and also their opposites. Students should already have an idea how to change verbs and nouns into adjectives and adverbs ...

20 Views 54,755 Adv
Adjectives and Adverbs Activity
Grammar » Adjectives vs. Adverbs

It's a simple activity about the difference between adjectives and adverbs. You can fill in the gaps with the words needed. You have to read it first to choose if you are going to use an adv ...

15 Views 31,885 ElemPre-Int
Adjectives and Adverbs
Grammar » Adjectives vs. Adverbs

It includes the descriptions of an adjective and adverb and some examples. The examples are given with the colourful pictures to make the understanding easier and more enjoyable. Iıt can be u ...

13 Views 26,590 Elem
Song Worksheet: The Logical Song

Although it´s a bit old, this is a very lively song and it´s perfect for working on adverbs and adjectives. Students can do the worksheet before listening as controlled practice and t ...

7 Views 10,657 Pre-IntInt
Everyday or Every Day
Adjectives vs. Adverbs, Adverb

This PowerPoint presentation will help teachers and their students learn the correct use of two commonly confused words, "Everyday" and "Every Day". This can be used in your classroom or can be do ...

5 Views 5,001 All
A Gamut of Techniques to Teach Phrase and Clause Modifiers

Grammar is one of the biggest stumbling blocks for English as Second Language (ESL) learners. Yet it is the key for the transition from functional language use to absolute fluency. Thus it has alw ...

3 Views 5,031 Int
Song Worksheet: The Logical Song (Focus on Derivatives)

A lovely song with exercises aimed at revising adjectives/adverbs, perfect for students preparing for FCE exam. The worksheet includes pre- and post-listening questions (topic:education), vocabula ...

11 Views 8,376 AdvExam
Eric The Engine and the Railway Rock

After watching this funny short story, students complete the worksheet activities. First, they provide the missing expressions after listening to the story several times. Second, they circle the r ...

5 Views 7,433 Elem
Adverbs and Adjectives
Grammar » Adjectives vs. Adverbs

In this ppt presentation students can practise adjectives and adverbs. They create adverbs from adjectives using -ly as well as irregular adverbs. Then they put the adverbs of frequency into the s ...

26 Views 17,795 Elem
Progress Evaluation Worksheet

The worksheet aims at measuring the extent to which advanced beginner students have grasped a number of items covered over the lapse of three months or so. The worksheet contains four exercises th ...

13 Views 10,576 Pre-Int
Song Worksheet: Ego by Beyoncé

The worksheet explores the use of "too" + adjective and "such a" + adjective forms. The students listen to the song and then deduce the use of the structure by answering the questions that follow. ...

9 Views 6,469 Pre-IntInt
Adverb or Adjective? - Class 'gap fill' Powerpoint Activity

A funny doctor and patient joke activity. An adverb versus adjective gap fill powerpoint activity. Great for a class or group activity, or a warmer / cooler. Suitable for teenagers and adults. I h ...

26 Views 17,660 Pre-IntIntAdvExam
Joke - Adverb or Adjective?

A very funny doctor, patient 'joke' worksheet with adverb or adjective gap fill. It can be used as a reading, or adverb / adjective exercise, or as a fun warmer or cooler. Suitable for teenagers a ...

24 Views 22,587 Pre-IntIntAdvExam
Practice Adjectives and Adverbs
Grammar » Adjectives vs. Adverbs

Worksheet containing three exercises (correcting the mistakes, filling in the blanks) for practicing adjectives and adverbs. It will help the students to better distinguish between the adjectives ...

13 Views 20,724 ElemPre-IntInt

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