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Can i buy bed bugs

can i buy bed bugs

Make sure you really have bed bugs. Bed bug treatments only work effectively on bed bugs so make sure that's what's eating you and not some other nocturnal parasite like bird mites. Look for bed bug waste (dark spots on your mattress), discarded skin and eggs in your bedding and in the folds of your mattresses. You can also place carpet tape around the mattress where you won't roll into while you sleep. After a few days, if you have bed bugs, some should be stuck in the tape.

Buy a mattress encasement. This is different than a mattress pad, as it encloses the entire mattress and zips up around it. This will trap the bed bugs inside and essentially starve them to death since they can't get out to feed on you. This can take many months however, so commit to the long term on this solution.

Vacuum thoroughly and often. If you are in the middle of an infestation, vacuum daily before bed. Use a crevice tool to get every nook and cranny of your bed and all surrounding furniture and fabrics, including drapes. Empty the vacuum outside, away from the house immediately and then wash the filter and hoses. If this isn't practical, vacuum up a pile of flea powder that contains Pyrethrum so that the bed bugs will die instead of crawling out of your vacuum.

Steam them out. Rent a commercial steam cleaner and like with the vacuum, steam every available fabric and piece of furniture in your bedroom and neighboring rooms. The heat will kill the bugs and the eggs.

Call an exterminator. This can be your last chance solution as it is the most costly but it could mean the difference between having to buy a whole new mattress set or not. Call an terminator with experience in handling bed bug infestations and clean your house thoroughly before they arrive.


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