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Can money buy happiness wall street

can money buy happiness wall street

Can Money Buy Happiness? - The Wall Street Journal

can money buy happiness wall street Can Money Buy Happiness? We Asked People On Wall Street.

can money buy happiness wall street Can Money Buy You Happiness?: Money Talks with Robert Frank

By Allan S. Roth

You may remember Jonathan Clements as the longtime personal-finance columnist who wrote 1,009 “Getting Going” columns for The Wall Street Journal. These days, he’s still writing—but not just about investing. In fact, he has just published a novel entitled 48 and Counting: A Story of Money, Love and Bicycling. Woven within this short book’s engaging and entertaining story are some epiphany-inducing observations about money and happiness.

Clements introduces us to Max, a middle-aged money manager whose life at first looks on paper to be the kind that would make anybody happy. Yet his seemingly perfect life isn’t. So Max attempts to change that by pursuing a new passion—bicycling. But his life begins to unravel, as he loses much of what he has, even as other characters realize their dreams. The ironic twist is that, despite losing so much, Max still makes great strides in the pursuit of happiness, while other characters realize achieving their dreams didn’t give them the pleasure they anticipated.

It’s a cautionary tale of being careful what you wish for.

Clements says the book isn’t autobiographical, but freely admitted he wrote about the three things he knew best—“money management, bicycling and failed relationships.” His motivation in writing it: He wanted to explore what makes for a satisfying life and what the world looks like from middle age. He says he had long planned to try his hand at fiction when he retired. But the relatively recent death of his father, who was killed when he was struck by a car while bicycling, prompted him to move up his plans.

Here are four key insights to be gained from the novel:

- Can Happiness Satisfaction–If The Not Money Wealth. Buy


  1. Dadozejela

    And who would you listen to for financial matters. 1. A multi billionaire who made money on Wall Street. or 2. A dishonest senator.

  2. Yehopuyomu

    Congrats thank you, to our dedicated team members who raised money participated in the Wall Street Run Heart Walk!

  3. Pujuxaf

    I don"t really like giving out price targets as this is the OTC, but I"m following the money for now.

  4. Kehodisic

    It went downhill badly after the Berlin Wall fell and the CIA money dried up

  5. Sadajine

    Can"t wait till gets that bill passes n we use that money to build the wall

  6. Kaguzofan

    I love going to family owned hole in the wall Mediterranean/middle eastern restaurants bc they see how little I am give me a lot of food

  7. Lupovoke

    Follow the $$$ not your dreams. Why? Your dreams are what you *would* be doing if you had money!

  8. Nasefahisiqiw

    People say money can"t buy happiness. They LIE. Money can buy a jet-ski. You ever see anyone unhappy on a jet-ski?

  9. Gejiwugijove

    WHY b/c the Propaganda Press has declared war on truth? He needs to start a WALL fund with a million of his money ask US FOR DONATIONS.

  10. Jajuneb

    WSJ Who’d have thought? Europe Inc. sprints ahead of U.S. - Wall Street Journal ( WSJ ) May 19, 2017

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