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Essay crafts

  • Lack of promotion of products.
  • Opportunities:

    • Rising demand for handicraft products in developed countries such as USA, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Italy etc.
    • Developing fashion industry requires handicrafts products.
    • Development of sectors like Retail, Real Estate that offers great requirements of handicrafts products.
    • Development of domestic and international tourism sector.
    • e-Commerce and Internet are emerged as promissory distribution channels to market and sell the craft products.


    • Competition in domestic market.
    • Balance between high demand and supply.
    • Quality products produced by competing countries like China, South Africa.
    • Better Trade terms offered by competing countries.
    • Increased and better technological support and RandD facility in competing countries.
    • Inspite of having diversified products, some part of Indian market is still untapped and market is price sensitive.

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    essay crafts


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