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Essay examples for high school

Essays are very common in high school and college, and you’re usually required to write these essays without much input from the teacher about them. Much. Persuasive essay examples high school. Lona Glenn Los Angeles Lona graduated from Los Angeles City College. While being a lecturer in several high school institutions Lona founded an online educational. here we have a phenomenal collection of essays specially written for high school students for you. Essay For High School. 474 words sample essay on School.

How to Write Any High School Essay: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

In actuality although the topics may differ, most high school essays have the same criteria. All essays will have a specific topic that is either one you choose or one that is provided for you. It is crucial for every essay that you follow the instructions given which include sticking to a word limit if given, answering the essay question, and completing the essay by the deadline. In addition a high school essay requires that you follow the appropriate essay structure and learn to properly reference your sources.



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High School Essay Topics

It is crucial that you identify the type of essay required to help you properly select and further define your topic. Look for clues in the essay question to determine if the essay approach should compare and contrast different concepts, or be persuasive, argumentative, or narrative in nature.

It’s a common mistake with high school students, that they pick up very broad topics. Thus, their essays lack clear central idea, and the connection between body paragraphs is very weak. To avoid this, try to narrow your essay topic to some particular point. Write on something like “Irish political structure” instead of the broader topic of “Irish politics” so that you can focus and write in more depth on one area.


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High School Essay Structure

Essay Structure (click to enlarge)

High school essays are structured very similarly regardless of the topic and good essay structure will help you to write a clear essay that flows from one paragraph to the next.

– All essays should begin with an introduction that grabs the reader and entices them to read further. An introduction should end with thesis statement – a sentence that will reveal your main point.

– The body of your essay should consist of several paragraphs each of which addresses a separate point supported by anecdotes, specific examples, quotations or other evidence.

While you can never be sure what individual teachers are looking for, this basic format will help you write a successful essay. Learn how to develop a typical essay format that you can use when writing an essay for a test or homework assignment.


Sample Essays

Part 1 Plan Your Essay

  1. 1

    Identify your topic. Choose an essay topic that you know well and feel comfortable writing about in your five paragraph essay.

  2. 2

    Create your thesis. Your thesis is the statement that your entire essay will make. Your thesis should outline the main idea of the paper.
    • If you have trouble coming up with a thesis statement use this thesis formula [1]: Three-point Thesis Statement Formula = Topic + Opinion + Three Discussion Points. For example, Volunteering in high school teaches self discipline, cooperation, and leadership. The topic is volunteering, the opinion is that it leads to self discipline, cooperation, and leadership, and the three discussion points are self discipline, cooperation, and leadership.
Here are two brainstorming techniques [2].
  • Try clustering. Write your thesis in the middle of a blank sheet of paper and draw a circle around it. Every time you think of an idea to support it, draw an arm off of the center idea and write it out.
  • Try freewriting. Write your thesis at the top of a piece of paper and write down whatever ideas come to your mind. Don't think, just write.
  • 4

    Identify your three parameters. Parameters are used to prove your thesis. For example, if the thesis is "Paul West was a dynamic character and the leader of the group," choose three traits that Paul West displays that prove he is a dynamic character and the leader of the group.
    • Write down your parameters.
    • Be sure you can prove that they are true through factual examples.
  • 5

    Outline your five paragraph essay.
    • Write your thesis at the top of a sheet of paper.
    • List your three supporting paragraph topics.
    • List 2-3 examples that support your paragraph topics within each paragraph.
  • All you need to do is type your name, the instructor’s name, course number and date in the top left corner of the first page.
    • Center the title of the research paper in quotation marks or all capital letters.
    • All pages should be numbered consecutively in the upper right hand corner
    • If an essay is several pages long, it’s also advisable to include your last name next to the page number in the header (i.e. Last Name 1)
    • Each style has its requirements as to the format of references. Chicago style requires the use of footnotes, that’s why you can do without reference list. The MLA style allows both the use of footnotes and in-text references. Remember, that if you prefer to have in-text references, a “Works cited” page is a must. Read more to find detailed guidelines for the use of Chicago and MLA styles.


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    What Can Influence your High School Essay Grade?

    The things that influence your high school essay grade in addition to the quality of your writing have a great deal to do with following instructions provided by your professor:

    – First and foremost it’s crucial to make sure that you understand the essay question fully and that your essay answers each portion of the question adequately.

    Meeting all formatting guidelines can boost your grade so provide an outline, title page, and separate bibliography page if required.


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    Don’t quote your sources or add new points while writing a conclusion!


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    High School Essay Format

    The Chicago and MLA styles are most commonly used for high school essays and there are style guides that provide specific guidelines for how to reference your sources both within your essay and for the works cited page.

    A school is also a group of fish, although we will focus on the educational establishment in this essay.

    For me, school is primarily a place to learn and to improve my chances of success in my career and life as a whole. It’s a place to better myself, not just for the good grades, but for the satisfaction of knowing that I’m a better for going through it. School doesn’t just teach you facts and academic skills, but disciple, social and communication skills, leadership and so many more things too. Other people aren’t interested in what they can get out of school, though, and see it as a place to socialize, become popular, have lots of boyfriends or girlfriends and have a good time.

    For many such children, school can also be the place where they get their only hot meal of the day, or even their only meal full stop, and it offers the only opportunity they will ever have to learn to read and write, count and add up.

    On the other hand, for some children, school can be the total opposite of a safe place. For those being bullied or perhaps even being abused by a teacher, school can be a living hell, a place that children and young people would do anything to avoid, even if it means getting in trouble. School can leave some youngsters feeling vulnerable, lacking in self-esteem and even totally hopeless about their lives.

    This is the sentence that draws the reader in before the thesis statement, which is usually the second sentence of the first paragraph. For example, "Paul West was one of fourteen boys who became stranded on a deserted island in the Caribbean." Your thesis should be next. "Paul West is a dynamic character and the leader of the group."
  • 2

    Write paragraphs 1, 2, and 3. Each paragraph should support your thesis. Include examples of why each topic supports your thesis. Again, use your strongest examples first.

  • 3

    Include transition sentences. Each paragraph should be connected through a transition sentence. For example, "Not only was Paul West the leader of the group because people adored him, but his followers were also scared of him."

  • 4

    Form a conclusion. Your conclusion should restate your thesis and 3 parameters. For example, "From these examples it is clear that throughout the novel Paul's once shy, honest, and naive nature changes, proving he is a dynamic character.

  • 3

    Make sure that each paragraph supports your thesis and doesn't go off-topic.

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    • Listen to your teacher's feedback and your grades will reflect it.
    • If your essay is for a homework assignment, ask your teacher if you're on the right track before turning in your essay.
    • If you have writer's block, take a break for a few minutes.
    • Allow ample time to layout your essay before you get started writing.
    • If your teacher won't or can't help you, find another teacher that will.


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