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Essay on industrial sociology

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The Sociological Approach:

A complex reality like ‘ industry’ can be studied from various points of view – technological, physical, psychological, economic, sociological etc. Sociology is essentially a science of society, of social relationships, associations and institutions. It analyses the social relations, their forms, con­tents and the systems they assume. Its method is scientific. Its approach is rational and empirical.

Industrial sociology is that branch of sociology which concerns mainly with the industrial relations of man. It examines the various industrial organisations and institutions, their interrelations and links with the other institutions and organisations of the wider society.

Scope of Industrial Sociology:

Industrial sociology is an applied discipline. It is concerned with the study of human relations as they grow and operate in the field of industries. It deals with the sociological concepts that have relevance to industry. It concentrates upon the social organisations of the work place or industry.


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