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Essay on technology is the enemy of human progress

essay on technology is the enemy of human progress

Information Technology Everywhere

Information technology is the technology involving the development,maintenance, and the use of computer systems, software and networks for the processing and distribution of data. Information technology has manybenefits in our lives like it prevents error; it decreases the amount of paper works, it creates products faster, it helps us save more time, it helps usaccess more information easily, it helps us communicate faster, cheaper andmore efficient, and many more. Although information technology is beneficialin our lives, we must lessen its use because it contributes to laziness, itviolates one’s privacy, it invents dangerous things, it consumes a lot of energy, and it shortens our lives.Information technology has made our life more comfortable becausewe can access information easily and it can help us save more time, but itcontributes to our laziness. One example of this is that when a student has aresearch in school, all he’s going to do is type the word in the internet andhe’ll copy-paste the information and prints it, rather than he’ll borrow booksfrom the library and reads it one by one. Moreover this could be a harder waythan typing the word in the internet and print it. That’s one of the reasons whywe must reduce the use of information technology, as a result of we’re gettinglazy and the importance of books in our lives is slowly fading away.Information technology also helps us in communicating with our friendsand relatives who are far from us. Despite the fact that it helped us in gettingin touch with our friends and family easily, it doesn’t mean that we haveprivacy in our lives and it is safe for us. Considering that we posted something

of Technology enemy - Wattpad the Progress. is the Human

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  1. Ceboyozevara

    Session 3 Champions of Human Tic Tac Toe!

  2. Cikuqixekowut

    Secteatery of state mentioned that our national interest and economic interest comes first then human right

  3. Gojinoceq

    Because if you don"t, Tory cunts and their foreign corporate paymasters will strip you of all your worker/civil/human rights.

  4. Kafezapozuqo

    Maybe you should keep it like that instead of letting it get to the state a pig would sleep in pretty sure your human richie not a piggy

  5. Numipadiyoc

    What is the human rights record of the candidates?

  6. Yosofejusipi

    Or be a decent human being and do all four. But I"m talking about friends of Bill Kristol, so I"m clearly expecting too much.

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    No1 knows what it"s like for a woman to sacrifice her body, have a human grow inside of her, give birth, raise that child - except her.

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    Unlike the heart, say, the brain can only be understood in relation to the specific context of human experience.

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    Thanks for that link. Enjoyed bit on quirk of human nature - the tendency to mistake change in yourself for change in the world.

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