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Essay problems faced youth

essay problems faced youth

Youth has always faced some problems like, for example, lack of pocket money or misunderstandings with parents, but today young people have far more serious problems.

At present there are many teenagers, who got used to alcohol and cigarettes. Many young people suffer from drug addiction. Today far more girls become pregnant under the age of 18 and have abortions than several decades ago. According to the statistics every fifth teenager, arrested for criminal actions, is younger than 14 years old.

The majority of adults say that it happens because young people don’t know how to spend plenty of free time that they have; that’s why they gather in groups in the streets and create lawlessness. But at the same time today a lot of teenagers practice sports, visit art schools and attend various study groups. There exists a huge gap between these two different parts of our youth. How should we explain this paradox? I'm convinced that we should not blame only young people; first of all we should look at ourselves. The majority of parents think that it is school that has to teach their children everything; such parents almost don’t participate in lives of their children. These children think they are unwanted, they feel despair and consider themselves to be a burden. So, what we can expect from such children?

I’m sure that it’s easy to blame the youth in increase of violence, in their amorality and dissoluteness, but have we tried to do anything to change the situation?

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