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Example of research project outcome

First example: outcome 1. total project cost (a+o) 541480 example of a vep workplan. project objective, outcomes and outputs. Accessing Project Outcomes Report. Viewing the Status of Your Project Outcomes Reports on Research.gov. for example, permit others to. Funds for NGOs. Grants and Resources. is the difference between outputs and outcomes?. may not be achievable even during the life cycle of the. SACE Research Project. Search this site. Introduction; The folio. Sitemap; Navigation. Introduction. Marking. central to the research outcome.

What is the difference between outputs and outcomes.

gov Homepage to view, prepare, and submit reports.
  1. Select the report you would like to complete.

Figure 5 – Project Reports

  1. Complete your report in the text editing box. Your report must be between 200 and 800 words.

Figure 6 – Project Outcomes Report

Adding Images to Your Report

To add images to your report:

  1. Click the “Add an Image” button on the Project Outcomes Report editing page to add images to your report.

Figure 7 – Add an Image

  1. Click Browse to find and select the image you would like to upload. Your image should be:

· Oriented as landscape (width is greater than height)

· Less than 8MB

· In one of the following file formats: JPG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, TIFF

Figure 8 – Add Image page

  1. Complete the required information include an image title, caption (up to 300 characters), and credit.


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