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Welcome to Dr. Kevin M. Hurley Middle School!

Our Mission Statement

The Dr. Kevin M. Hurley Middle School community seeks to develop students to their greatest academic, personal, social, and physical potential by providing a challenging, quality education incorporating the latest theories of learning and adolescent development. We look to prepare students for the challenges of the future by assisting them in becoming self-directed learners with the necessary problem solving and critical thinking skills and creativity to be successful in an informational, technological, and global society.

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  1. Sobiwehaqeho

    Police, Prison Mental Health staff can"t be trusted, we think you"re violent racist;infers Tory manifesto page 56

  2. Noyekevibu

    Did they breach page 56 of the Tory manifesto and used force on an ethnic minority

  3. Lupovelozox

    In other words. He made a mistake. Let"s move on after this suspension and turn the page

  4. Pefinamido

    At the lead of that demand for more stop and search are black mothers with teenage boys.They won"t like outcome of page 56

  5. Weferewusu

    You should report this in conjunction with page 56 of the Tory manifesto. The outcome of which will be more black youths dying

  6. Yumidubi

    Nice! I just liked your page on Facebook, and will check it out.

  7. Javopoxi

    Very commendable; but you"d look after them better if you reflected on the middle of the paragraph in page 56 and advised them accordingly

  8. Poleret

    They"ve written against s s page 56 of their manifesto infer police, prison mental health staff are violent racists who can"t be trusted.

  9. Hipopose

    Read it again and think about what page 56 means to your values and how you spent your working life

  10. Baqekupoqejov

    Write short stories for backers, like Kameron Hurley ( then resell ) ? Commission a page of comic per month? Cat pics like NK Jemisin?

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