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Letter writing informal format pdf

the written speech should consist of short sentences having not more than 10 to 12 words in a sentence.

10. No title to be given for the speech.

11. Avoid abstract phrases. Use simple and familiar language.

Sample :

Dear Friends

Good morning to you all

We all have assembled here for a noble cause—a mission to eradicate illiteracy. It is the dream of the National Literacy Mission to educate all the Indians. We would work together for an India where EACH PERSON IS LITERATE. Most of the learners are adults who have a 51 rich experience of life. Therefore, the learning strategies that will be adopted in our programme will be exploratory and interactive. We have to teach as well as learn. We must keep in mind certain important factors……… their experience, wisdom and maturity while discussing any topic.


  1. Cuvihasu

    English Lecture: Informal Letter-1

  2. Haluyozijeji

    Is it possible to sign an informal letter without sounding like a dweeb?

  3. Hezocoveposu

    Today oak tree class has been generating vocabulary for an informal letter

  4. Hakifeqowefu

    Insertion of d word "co-ordinator" in PMB"s ( informal ) letter can help answer Babachir"s question Who is the presidency?

  5. Satehavebe

    Sample Informal Letter

  6. Zoqogoca

    Informalletter.docx - For Truth Seekers Only

  7. Picirigipol

    2nd junior. Checked hw. Photocopy adverbs of frequency. Sb 20. Informal letter. Hw. Plan sb 21 wb 15

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