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Math questions from act

math questions from act ACT Prep from Number2.com (with Number2.com Redesign). Free ACT test prep. Question of the Day Today s question of the day is from the algebra category. ACT Math | PrepScholar helps you prep for the SAT / ACT by answering the most important questions online. ACT Math Basics. Algebra have you confused? Geometry giving you anxiety? Maybe math is not your best subject, and perhaps the ACT Math section makes you. Visit to learn more about the ACT math section. You can access information on the test, sample questions, and a Free ACT Practice Test. ACT Math | PrepScholar helps you prep for the SAT / ACT by answering the most important questions online.

math questions from act

ACT Question of the Day - Number2.com :: Free Online Test Prep

Below you can find more detailed information about the specific skills these questions test, as well as sample ACT Math questions and answer explanations.

ACT Math Test Question Types

Math Questions (total of 60 questions)

Math Area


# of Questions


whole numbers, fractions, decimals, and integers; positive integer powers and square roots; ratio, proportion, and percent; multiples and factors; absolute value; one variable, linear equations; probability and counting problems; data interpretation; and mean, median, and mode

12-15 questions

Elementary Algebra

variables, polynomials, factoring, quadratic equations, linear inequalities, integer exponents, and square roots

9-12 questions

Intermediate Algebra

quadratic formula, radical and rational expressions, inequalities, absolute value, sequences, systems of equations, quadratic inequalities, functions, matrices, polynomial roots, and complex numbers

9-12 questions

Coordinate Geometry

number line graphs; graphs of points, lines, polynomials, circles, and other curves; relationships between equations and graphs; slope; properties of parallel and perpendicular lines; distance formula; midpoint formula; transformations; and conics

9-12 questions

Plane Geometry

plane figures (triangles, rectangles, parallelograms, trapezoids, circles); angles; parallel lines; perpendicular lines; translations, reflections, and rotations; 3-D geometry; perimeter, area, and volume; and logical reasoning and proofs

12-15 questions


right triangle trigonometric ratios; trigonometric functions, identities, and equations; and trigonometric functions modeling

3-6 questions

Sample ACT Math Test Questions

To give you a better feel for the format and content of the ACT Math test, let’s take a look at a few sample ACT Math questions.

Pre-Algebra Question: Mean, Median, and Mode

70, 80, 50, 20, 80, 30, 80

Seven students took an art history exam. Their scores are listed above. Which of the following statements regarding the scores is true?

I. The average (arithmetic mean) is greater than 70.

II. The mode is greater than 70.

III. The median is greater than 70.


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