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Mba reflective essay

mba reflective essay ePortfiolio took me an especially long time to get comfortable with. Even after the explanation I wasn’t able to understand what its intent was until I saw a good complete example. But it’s not an easy thing to learn how to do when you’ve never created a webpage. And, some features, like moving something around within the page is impossible unless you download software, which when you click on it, isn’t available anymore. I also got confused with the new terminology, was it an ePortfolio or a myWiki page? I’m still not sure. I did have a bit of frustration in keeping up some weeks with the reading and assignments, along with the learning curve of using the new technology. I just wanted to know it and some of it, like ePortfolio just wasn’t intuitive for me. I don’t think the workload for the course was too intense; it’s kind of expected in a Masters level course, especially when you are completing it in eight weeks. There were times I was stressed, but that was mostly because it was new material or tools that I was using and I was outside of my comfort zone.


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