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My school reading

my school reading

Our school 's got a big library, that isn't very big but That's nice...there are many books and magazines.I usually read books aloud I learn better in this way, so I don't like reading in library (I can study in library but I will be out of there :-) ) . I've got library card, and barrow book from our library, we can barrow two books at one time.

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My School now has nine years of data enabling fair comparisons to be made among schools serving students from similar socio-educational backgrounds, using the index of community socio-educational advantage (ICSEA). It is ICSEA that enables fair comparisons to be made between schools with similar students.

The publication of data on My School allows educators to share information about school achievements and characteristics with the aim of supporting and driving improvement across the nation. For parents, My School provides valuable information to help make informed decisions about their child’s education.

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