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Paper mario sticker star cardboard doors

paper mario sticker star cardboard doors

Location Description Sticker Found
World 1-1 Right after you fight Bowser Jr., the next area has a secret door on one of the hills near the southeast in the lower area. Thumbtack
World 1-2 Found near the end of the course. When you find the Comet Piece, go to the south side of the ledge. You'll find this secret door in the foothills next to a Jump sticker. Flashy Fire Flower, Flashy Ice Flower, Flashy POW Block
World 1-3 After you drain the water with a Faucet, you can jump into the hole below the Bowser fountain, outside to the south. The secret door should be immediately in front of you. 35 Coins, Bed
World 1-4 Near the end of the Course with the Comet Piece, in the hidden garden near the northwest corner, hides this secret door. Matches Thing
World 1-5 This secre tdoor is in the underground passage, which can be reached by either opening the pipe at the beginning of the level or finding the alternate entrance. The door is in the middle of the cave. Bellows
World 1-6 In this level, there will be giant fans you need to block with Stickers. If you fall off the bridge and head right, near the middle of the eastern wall, you'll find this secret door. Squirt Gun
World 2-1 The top of the back side of the pyramid, where the secret door hides, is accessible near the end of the level. Car Battery
World 2-2 Once you find the Sphinx after exiting the pipe, go the north edge of the Sphinx on the other side, to find this secret door. Paper Fan
World 2-3 If you take the right slide three times, you'll find this secret door easily. Can be reached through Door 4 or Door 5. Lighter
World 2-4 It's on the outer ring, near the path to the oasis. Head west once you enter this world and you'll find it soon enough. Hair Shears
World 2-5 Also easy to spot. Just go north a few steps after entering the level. Flashy Eekhammer, Flashy Spike Helmet, Flashy Hurlhammer Sticker
World 3-1 In the area with several large poison lakes, north of the middle ledge, there is a tree among the flooded platforms nearby this secret door's entrance. Searchlight
World 3-2 In the maze, go northeast, northwest, then northeast two times. The secret door is at the southeastern area near the steps. Violin
World 3-3 The first room of Wiggler's treehouse should be a living room. At the top of the ramp on the upper floor is this secret door. HP-Up Heart
World 3-4 Near the area with the first Comet Piece is a ledge near the south that can be jumped over. The secret door rests here. Drum
World 3-5 Close to the Bomerang Bro there is a cave to the south. In the northern portion of the tunnel is this secret door. Pillow
World 3-6 The first area has a Sticker Shop. Right below in the southeast area is this secret door. Fishhook
World 3-7 The location of this secret door is behind the Hammer, on the ledge in the burrow's first chamber. Alternately, you can simply go south and west of the boss room and walk along the norther wall to find the door's entrance. Upright Vacuum, Coins
World 3-8 It's right there in the Course entrance. Tape, Coins
World 3-9 In the second area, there are two trees with health pickups. Go between them and head north. It's beside the second pool, below the poison gas. Burnhammer, Baahammer, Chillhammer, Shiny Fire Flower, Shiny Ice Flower, Shiny POW Block Sticker
World 3-10 Reveal this secret door in the storage room by finishing the special portion of the quiz show. Square Can, Coins
World 3-11 Near the center of the foothills in the top northwest corner is this secret door. Balloon, Coins
World 3-12 Immediately upon arriving on the island, head west to discover this secret door waiting. Newspaper
World 4-1 This door is hidden under the central slope. You'll need to use the Radiator Sticker at the top-right portion of the area and find the door in the southwest area. Cell Phone
World 4-2 After crossing the waterfall, go onto the two ledges and fall to the south to find the door. Hair Dryer
World 4-3 From the lobby, got east, north, and then north again. This brings you to a room with a big staircase with the secret door nearby, which brings you to Decalburg. Shortcut to Decalburg
World 4-5 This door is right near the Ice Bro, on the mountain path below the icicles. Flashlight
World 4-6 Enter the right entrance and you'll find this Secret Door, which is just a shortcut to the front of the ride. No reward, really
World 5-1 After chasing down the Spear Guy to get the Bridge Part Scrap, this door is right on the platform with the scrap. Tailor Shears
World 5-2 Right near the boathouse, directly east from entering the area. Mini Vacuum
World 5-3 At the end of the river is a Comet Piece. Go west and the door is etched on the wall. Luxurious Bed
World 5-4 Ride the rotating blades partway to find this door on a second-floor platform. Air Conditioner
World 5-5 This door is within the large lava pool. Reach it by freezing the entire area. Basin
World 5-6 Return to this world after saving Kersti. Enter the pipe at the start, go to the elevator, ride it twice, and go west to the door. It should be on the fifth floor. Guitar
World 6-2 Right inside the ship's cabin in the first room is this final secret door. Shiny Line Jump, Shiny POW Block, Shiny Hurlhammer, Megaflash Jump Sticker

paper mario sticker star cardboard doors

Vergelijk alle webshops & prijzen. Bespaar tot 40% via Kiesproduct. Secret Blue Doors - Paper Mario: When you reach World 3-6 Outlook Point, you'll be able to buy the Secret Blue Door Sticker from the monopolizing. Thanks for every Like and Favorite! They really help! This is World 2 Secret Doors of my Paper Mario Sticker Star Gameplay Walkthrough for the Nintendo 3DS Paper Mario: Sticker Star is an action. and emerges seconds later as a massive cardboard version of. The Thousand-Year Door and Super Paper Mario.How do you open those doors that blend in with the background?.., Paper Mario: Sticker Star Answers for the 3DS Paper Mario: Sticker Star is the fourth Paper. and the use of paper and cardboard creates. The gameplay is like Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door where. For Paper Mario: Sticker Star on the 3DS, a GameFAQs Answers question titled "Secret Door Stickers. Secret Door Locations (Minor Spoilers) Almost every subworld level in Paper Mario: Sticker Star has a secret door location of some kind, but it can be difficult to.Walkthrough - Paper Mario: Welcome to our Paper Mario Sticker Star Walkthrough! Here, you'll find assistance with puzzle solutions, sticker locations. Paper Mario: Sticker Star is as big a departure from the RPG stylings of the Paper Mario series as Super Paper Mario and offers a unique adventure. Paper Mario: Sticker Star. If you want to get the Secret Door Sticker and the Shiny. and you'll have to hit the cardboard wall on the right to reveal that. Paper Mario: Sticker Star Walkthrough. use a Secret Door Sticker to grab the. Keep moving right and hit the cardboard wall to knock it down and gain access to.For Paper Mario: Sticker Star on the 3DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Cut-out doors. A mystery's afoot on Prism Island and only Mario™ can solve it—by restoring the land's vanishing colors with his new Paint Hammer. Someone will complain that it is similar to Paper Mario Sticker Star. similar to Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. Of Paper Mario: Color Splash, Which. Paper Mario: Sticker Star. finding hidden doors or paths or. The game has a lot of charm and the "everything is made out of paper and cardboard" motif is.


  1. Zulororexahecu

    One thing I notice from people that say Sticker Star is a good game have pattern of having it as their first Paper Mario.

  2. Refogob

    Because, Sticker Star is the only Paper Mario game with music I don"t actually like.

  3. Qusolas

    Why in the holy fuck do both Paper Mario: Color Splash AND Sticker Star both have a 75/100 on Metacritic?

  4. Gobatuqi

    No, I got so fucking princess! -Bowser [Paper Mario: Sticker Star]

  5. Somodebezahoco

    ONLY 87 MORE DEATHS! - SleepyJirachi 2015 [Paper Mario: Sticker Star]

  6. Rariwebuy

    Watching my dork play a game. Very distracting, can"t even play paper mario sticker star. Lol

  7. Yaxiwefinoyo

    The Mario and Luigi remake deeply depresses me, as it solidifies Nintendo"s intentions signalled with sticker star and color splash

  8. Kowenuzivohoso

    Mario Kart Wii > Sticker Star > Animal Crossing: New Leaf > Everything

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