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Read write think materials story map

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ReadWriteThink: Student Materials: Story Map

Students will be building on prior knowledge of the subject, reflecting on what they learned in order to apply it to their life.

Lesson Objective:

Enable students to

  • build on what they know of the subject before reading
  • gain knowledge that scaffold on prior understanding
  • reflect on knowledge known and gained
  • apply knowledge to life

Task One:

Before students begin reading a book, story or lesson, have them fill out a graphic organizer on what they already know about the subject. (Click here for Prior Knowledge Graphic Organizer.) This organizer asks them to list what they already know from experience about the subject, what they assume about the subject and what they have heard about the subject. Clarify for the students the difference in each of these areas.

The classroom teacher goes over these notes either individually or as a group.

Task three:

After the students finish reading the text, they are given a second graphic organizer. This organizer helps them reflect on what they learned from the text, why the information is important, and how they might use that information in their own lives. (Click here for Post Knowledge Graphic Organizer.)

Allow students to share their thoughts and discuss them with their classmates. This can be done in small groups. Have a spokesperson from each group share with the entire class.


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