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Research paper about drug prevention

research paper about drug prevention Although there was some evidence that married addicts were less likely to relapse, presumably because of having a relationship, it was not shown to be determinative in predicting relapse.

Stress as a feature of addicts' relapse

Considering the high relapse rate it is important to identify if there are any particular causes that can be addressed.

  • Stress is a key aspect of addiction relapse.
  • Experts such as Dr. Sinha outlines that recent information is becoming known that neurological pathways are altered by the addiction. He notes that “Recent neurobiological evidence indicates an important role of brain stress pathway in addiction relapse" (Sinha, 393). Because of these alteration in neurobiological pathways, identifying the effect of these altered pathways is helpful in understanding the ultimate role of stress in relapse.

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  • The crisis due to opioid addiction (including opium, morphine, oxycontin, and heroin) affects the alarming rate of relapse as well.
  • Hopefully, with better understanding of the causes for relapse, treatment will be more successful and the relapse rate will drop.

    Impact of marriage on relapse and addiction

    There seemed to be no difference in relapse rates between men and women. However, marriage seemed to affect men and women slightly differently. Women were more sensitive to the negative effects of the damage of relapse on interpersonal relationships. Therefore they were less likely to relapse for fear of damage to their marriages or other interpersonal relationships. It was found that women were more likely to be married to heavily drinking men.

    Marlatt notes the low compliance rates with drugs like Anatabuse (Marlatt, 30). However, he notes that Antabuse was designed to reinforce the negative consequences of relapsing. Antabuse was not designed to reduce the altered brain stress pathways in the addicted person.

    Meditation as an alternative?

    An alternative to medication includes meditation as a way to avoid relapse and handle stress better. Marlatt discusses a study performed on addicted prisoners which showed lower relapse rates among addicted prisoners who underwent meditation training over the control group (Marlatt, 30). Further inquiry into the effect of meditation on the identified altered neuro-pathways would be beneficial in showing its efficacy.


    Addiction is prevalent in our country and continues to affect millions of people.

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