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Research topics in nitrogen fixation

research topics in nitrogen fixation
d- Living in the nuclear world.
e- The use of cochineal.
f- The chemistry of cancer, allergy, addiction...
g- Drugs and medicine.
h- Pharmaceutical chemistry.
i- The chemistry of neuroscience, psychology, digestion, aging ...
g- Medicine in every day.
h- How do antacids work? Devise an experiment to compare and test their effectiveness.
i- Chhemical imbalance and mental disorders.

2- Chemistry & Environmental Science:

a- What are the major sources of water pollutions? What steps have been taken to
control these sources?

b- What chemical reactions are involved in smog formation? Describe the global
effects of photochemical smog
c- Air pollution: what are the major sources of air pollution?

Topics Ecosystem Department Research and Participants — of ...


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