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Review of related literature in child neglect

review of related literature in child neglect

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The following is a summary of a recently published review of Swedish and international literature concerning children exposed to abuse and neglect or manifesting failure to thrive. The review is the first report appearing from the so-called PRU group in Uppsala--Psycho-social Risk Children in Uppsala. The group is a multidisciplinary team engaged in a research project about Uppsala children exposed to mental, social and physical risks in their homes. The project is financed by the Save the Children Fund, which has also contributed to the printing costs of the book. Various professions are represented in the research team, namely social work, family therapy, child psychiatry, child psychology, paediatrics, and sociology. The complete review was published in the autumn of 1977 under the following title: Dagmar Lagerberg/PRU-gruppen: Föräldravåld mot barn. En litteraturstudie (PRU group: Child abuse by parents. A literature review). A second main report, presenting the aims, material, methods, and results of the project, is planned for publication in 1979.


  1. Retazigoloba

    A: that’s pretty scary, I’m glad you came through it alright. What caused it if you don’t mind me asking? B: I’m not talking about people who have a chance heart attack, I’m talking about people who develop disease through conscious neglect of health. They drive up costs.

  2. Webocucovom

    It would be fair if the person who did this received 12 years of neglect as well.

  3. Mizezuyix

    Bring an end to the abuse, neglect and exploitation of horses in Acapulco, Mexico. - Sign the Petition! via

  4. Comerapudihe

    Punish the person ( s ) responsible for the neglect and death of Becky! Plz sign:

  5. Doboras

    Makes my blood boil seeing stories of neglect and abuse in care settings. Don’t work in care if you don’t actually care!!!! Work in retail or some shit

  6. Kepeforose

    Thats it mate, its so obvious for anyone aware of history. I said it also for last decade what was coming, i saw in south how people who didnt care about them issues were made have to, by neglect double standards seen that divides. Bang on.

  7. Rizufeme

    Disgraceful neglect of UK citizen. Should end both their careers.

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