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Student exchange in resume

student exchange in resume


Personal Information

Full Name Francisco Cortés
Address Ferrariweg 4, 33102 Paderborn, Germany
Home Phone +49 5251 31293
Work Phone +49 5251 60 6693
Email Address [email protected]
Birth Date 10th May 1974
Birth Place Zaragoza, Spain
Citizenship Spanish


1978 - 1991 German School, Zaragoza. 1991 - 1992 `Colegio Cardenal Xavierre', Zaragoza. 1992 - 1995 University of Zaragoza, Spain.
Ingeniería Informática (Computer Science Eng. - 5 Years) 1995 - 1996 University College Cork, Ireland.
Computer Science (exchange student, ERASMUS-Scholarship) 1996 - 1997 University of Paderborn, Germany.
Diplom. Informatik (exchange student, ERASMUS-Scholarship).
Master Thesis: ``Early Implementation of the RTSP Protocol'' Sep. 1997 Master of Computer Science (Ingeniería Informática) completed with first honors class by the University of Zaragoza (Spain).

Professional Experience

6/95 - 9/95 Traineeship in the Data Processing and Telecommunications Department at the country council of Zaragoza (Spain). 10/96 - 9/97 Employed by the University of Paderborn, within the SICMA European project. Java & C software development, for multimedia services on the Internet. 10/97 - 13/11/97 Freelance software development. Undertook work for the University of Paderborn. (During acceptance process of the Spanish degree by the German government) 14/11/97 - present Research assistant at the University of Paderborn. Work on the projects:
  • SICMA, (Scalable Interactive Continuous Media Server and Application, EU/ACTS)
  • HiQoS (High Performance Multimediadienste mit Quality of Service Garantien)
  • EpriCom (European Parliament Research Initiative: Communicating with the CEEC and non-EU Mediterranean Countries, EU/ACTS)


Programming Languages Language Environment/Dev. Tools APIs
Java JDK 1.1, JWS Swing, JMF1.02
C++ Microsoft Visual C++ MFC, CORBA
C GNU + Unix, DDD Motif, X-Windows, PVM, MPI
SQL Postgres, Sybase
Tcl/Tk, HTML 4.0, JavaScript
Pascal, Visual-Basic, Assembler 80x86
Internet Protocols RTSP, RTP, HTTP, SSL, ... Operating Systems UNIX (Solaris,Linux,Hp-ux,IRIX), Windows/NT - 95, DOS Misc. LaTeX, MS-Office

Spoken Languages

  • Spanish: native speaker
  • English: fluent (1 year exchange student in Ireland)
  • German: fluent (1 year exchange student + 1 year work in Germany)
  • French: basic (2 years course)
  • Russian: basic (1 year course)

Technical Interests

Internet technologies, object-oriented design, security, multimedia, distributed computing.


Available on request. updated by Francisco Cortés Oct/27/09:25

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