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Top 20 undergraduate business schools in the world

One of the oldest business schools on our list, the Leeds School of Business was established in 1906. Part of the University of Colorado system, there are 3,300 undergraduates, master’s candidates, and doctoral students enrolled in one of Leed’s programs. Leed, accredited by the AACSB, is comprised of seven departments: the Center for Finance, the Center for Entrepreneurship, the Center for Business Integration, the Real Estate Center, the Business Research Division, the Center for Education on Social Responsibility, and the Center for Research on Consumer Financial Decision Making.

Leeds places heavy emphasis on sustainability, arguing that corporate social responsibility, business ethics, and environmental care are important parts of creating and maintaining a successful business. For that reason, Leeds students find their curriculum is marked by classes covering ethics, eco-friendly practices, and social leadership. Students have also had the opportunity in the past to participate in and attend the Partners in Business Ethics Conference, organized and hosted by Leeds.

Leeds School of Business is consistently ranked well by Businessweek, Forbes, and U.S. New & World Report, the latter ranking it among Best National Universities, Best Undergraduate Business Programs, and Best College for Veterans.

Degrees and concentrations offered at this school include:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Management and Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing

top 20 undergraduate business schools in the world Business school rankings from the Financial Times - FT.com

The wrong school could be a critical waste of time and money.

For our fourth annual survey of the World's Best Business Schools, we asked hundreds of American professionals with experience hiring MBAs to determine the best business school in the world.

They came back with a loud and clear answer: Harvard University.

Harvard pushed last year's winner, Stanford, down to number 3. In addition to the usual top American schools, international institutions like Cambridge University (#8), Oxford University (#9), and the London School of Economics (#19) also placed in the top 20.

The majority of respondents said that skills and knowledge is the most important takeaway from business school (69%), while 22% said that a network of contacts was a valuable B-school bonus.

Note that we only asked American hiring professionals to weigh in, so these 42 business schools are best for getting you a job in the U.


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