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Traditional marriage vs modern marriage essay

Paper 1

4. Is traditional marriage an outmoded concept? Why do think it

is – or is not? How does the article by Catherine Newman

affect your opinion?

In the past decade traditional marriage was the first priority.

Because our grandparents preferred that kind of marriages. Before these

kind of marriages were successful and they were one of the reason for

happy married life. Parents were the one who decided to whom their kids had

to marry. It is a good thing that parents decide their child’s partner. Because

they are more experienced then their kids. They will never think bad thing for

their children. But sometimes it is not good for every situation. In several parts of

my country, yet marriages are done forcefully. Nowadays there are more

chances of divorce of traditional marriages than before, because today’s

new generation does not believe in traditional marriage. New generation

wants to live their own life. They do not like to involve to find a life

partner for them. They take their own decisions. This is right because no

one other will help us to solve the problems of our life. So I say that

the traditional marriage is an outmoded concept. I agree at some points

and also disagree at some points.

I agree with the point that marriage is about handing the

woman off, like a baton, from her father to her husband. Here, meaning

of baton is that it is a hollow cylinder carried by each member of relay

team and passed to the succeeding runner. A few years ago, wife’s

parents give some property or money as a dowry to the husband and so

husband agrees to marry with their daughter. But now we have changed

a lot. So this is a good...

traditional marriage vs modern marriage essay Differences Between Modern & Traditional Marriages | Our.

traditional marriage vs modern marriage essay Differences Between Modern & Traditional Marriages | Our.


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