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Can i buy taken king separately

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Destiny developer Bungie sparked controversy this week as it became known that some in-game items would only be available with the purchase of Destiny: The Taken King's Collector's Edition.

Several class items, shaders, and emotes were to be locked behind the purchase, meaning that current players would have to buy the base game and first two expansions again to get those items. Yesterday, I wrote an editorial about how Bungie should fix this by letting loyal players get this content in a different way.

Collector's Edition contentCollector's Edition content

Bungie listened to the criticism and today in its Weekly Update announced that the digital items in the Collector's Edition would be available as a purchase outside of that version of the game. The Taken King creative director Luke Smith explained that players will be able to buy a upgrade to the expansion to get that digital content. In other words, players who own the base game and its previous expansions can pay to get The Taken King, the class items, the shaders, and the emotes.

Players who have reached level 30 or have played both prior expansions will still rank as VIPs and will receive some exclusive rewards. You can see the VIP shader, emblem, and sparrow below:

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The Taken King launches in September, and it will feature a new raid, some strikes, a new story, and multiplayer changes and additions. Check out our previews of the multiplayer and the story.


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