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Creative writing course northampton

Search for adult learning courses and how to enrol. Creative writing. Dance. DIY. Drama. Northampton Borough Council will be re-commissioning their. Ranked 36th for Creative Writing (View subject table) Entry Standards Entry Standards Find the right Creative Writing courses in Northampton and Northamptonshire for you, compare the best Northampton and Northamptonshire Creative Writing training. UEA pioneered the teaching of Creative Writing in the UK. We established the first MA in Creative Writing in 1970 and the first PhD in Creative and. Looking for Creative Writing courses in Northamptonshire? Search 146 of the best Creative Writing courses across Northamptonshire Creative Writing Courses. These Open courses support you in finding your own voice as a writer and becoming an effective writing practitioner. They will allow you to.

Creative Writing Courses and Online Writing Courses

We will emphasize situating individual works within their cultural historical, political, and social contexts. The course will include all four main literary genres-poetry, short fiction, the novel, and drama-and works will range from traditional to experimental. Prereq. - ENGL 151. Core: AH, CT, D, WI.

ENGL 264G Irish Literature (Cr3) (3:0)
A survey of the literary works of Irish authors from the mid-nineteenth century to the present, the course emphasizes understanding primary literary texts within their historical, political, and cultural contexts.

A range of writing skills is developed through a carefully planned and precisely structured approach. Students explore the poem, short story, autobiography, biography, and writing for performance. A dedicated team of published writers support individual writing skills through regular, friendly, workshops.

Subject Futures Week

Writer Fay Weldon talks to Creative Writing students at Subject Futures Week 2016.

Please see below the full 2016 Subject Futures Week video, which highlights just some of the creative industry guests who attended to share knowledge and insights with students about the reality of working and life after university.


Creative Writing modules are chiefly assessed through portfolios of original writing, complemented by a critical commentary.

Facilities and Special Features

  • taught on a vibrant arts campus which encourages creative links with art, design, literature, media, music and performance
  • the degree is taught by a team of professional writers all of whom have been published and have excellent contacts
  • the chance to perform work at open-mike sessions off campus
  • a dedicated team of writers, who are published, friendly and experienced
  • six specialist modules each year
  • regular, friendly workshops support your individual writing skills and your wider reading

Career Opportunities

The focus on writing skills, imaginative thinking, analysis and communication enables course graduates to enter a wide range of employment where skills in those areas are essential.

Students improve sentence and paragraph development and organization, sentence structure, punctuation, standard usage through writing, revision, and editing practice. Students read articles to identify and restate key ideas. Students identify common patterns of error in their writing to improve fundamental editing and proofreading skills. Prereq.- Placement as determined by the English Department through testing.

ENGL 026 Writing Skills II (Cr4) (4:0)
Students develop writing skills critical for success in college courses. They write multi-paragraph essays (4-5 paragraphs) that use details and evidence to support topic sentences and thesis statements.

ENGL 028 English Vocabulary III (Cr3) (3:0)
Students with high-intermediate knowledge of English will expand their vocabulary by 300 new words which they will learn to recognize and use in written and oral communication. Students will also develop and improve vocabulary-learning strategies, such as inference from context, understanding word families, recognizing synonyms, analyzing word parts, using dictionaries. Students complete 15 hours of using ESL software as part of the requirements for this course. Prereq. - English language competence as determined by the English or ESL department through testing and/or course work.


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