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Drivers ed chapter 12 review answers

drivers ed chapter 12 review answers

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Answers and Questions – Test ED Driver’s

2. incorrect - brightest
3. incorrect - 3
4. correct
5. incorrect - low-beam
6. correct
7. incorrect - slowly
8. incorrect - light
9. correct
10. incorrect - goes left or right
11. incorrect - brake pedal
12. incorrect - not enable
13. incorrect - off

Answer the Question:
1. more than one-half mile in front of you
2. keep it clean
3. flick headlights from low to high to low to high, etc.
4. 4-second stopping distance
5. turn on front-window defroster, switch on rear defogger, use air conditioning / heater

Choose Your Action:
1. use low-beam headlights
2. slow
3. do not enter
4. rock vehicle
5. drive in wheel paths
6. maintain firm pressure
7. use automatic transmission park gear
8. rock vehicle
9. slow
10. squeeze your brakes lightly

Pick the Term:
1. front-wheel
2. over-power
3. steering
4. rear-wheel
5. controlled

Test Your Knowledge:

entrance ramp
2. median
3. exit ramp
4. deceleration lane
5. merging area
6. acceleration lane
7. express lane

Test Your Knowledge:
1. correct
2. correct
3. incorrect
4. incorrect

5. correct

List Expressway Strategies:
1. prepare yourself and your vehicle
2. build experience gradually
3. concentrate on the driving task
4. cooperate with other drivers

Identify Problem Areas:
1. both
2. both
3. entering
4. entering
5. both

6. both
7. entering
8. both
9. exiting
10. entering
11. entering

Check the Lane:

look for wrong way or do not enter sign
2. a. check front and rear zones
b. signal and look for gap
c. look for entrance ramp signal light
3. a. gradually increase speed
b. continue to glance for gap
c. decide when to merge
4. merge smoothly
5. a. cancel signal
b. adjust speed
c. keep space cushion

Use the Picture:
1. yes
2. no
3. yes
4. yes
5. no

Match the Location:
1. A
2. B
3. D
4. E


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