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Here in the AccountingJobsToday.com Resume Center you can view sample accounting resumes and cover letters, where you can attract the interest of employers and recruiters. We aim to provide you with the best available career resources whether you are just starting out in the workforce or a seasoned professional. Post your resume with confidence!

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Your resume is much more than a compilation of your work history; it's a tool that lets hiring managers know that you're the candidate they've been hoping for.

For maximum wow-factor, your resume must highlight your industry-specific experience, accomplishments and credentials. If you need help customizing your resume to your field, check out these examples of resumes and cover letters for various careers and career levels in the following industries:








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The primary responsibility of payroll specialists is to manage payroll information for companies. Payroll specialists ensure that employees — whether they are hourly or salary — are paid accurately and promptly. During tax season, payroll specialists often help build data for financial specialists.

If you want to create payroll specialist resume that gets attention, be sure to include the following information on your resume: excellent math skills, Excel expertise, and a strong understanding of federal and state regulations.
Besides that, you should also note your communication and organizational skills, which are also important qualities needed for the job.

350,000 budget, resulting in a reduction in costs
  • Candidate has over 5+ years of experience, and is seeking a managerial role
  • Candidate mentions training 2 new employees
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    Accountant Resume (Text Format)

    1435 Grant Avenue, New York, NY 10603

    (212) 204-5653

    [email protected]

    Certified Public Accountant with 5+ years of experience of ledger processes, reconciliations and streamlining reports. Possess an MBA. Seeking to leverage my professional expertise and experience into a managerial role as a corporate banker.

    350,000 budget, with a reduction of costs totaling 15% over two years
  • Analyze, examined, and interpreted records, compiled financial information, and reconciled reports and financial data
  • Perform process analysis, and communicated recommendations to management
  • Process journal entries and perform corrections to ensure accurate records
  • BRINGHAM & SONS Bakersfield, CA

    Financial Advisor June 2008 – August 2011

    • Conducted thorough reviews of potential business partnerships and strategies, and performed risk analysis using FRAP (Facilitated Risk Analysis Process)
    • Trained and supervised 2 new employees, ensuring they maintain fastidious attention to detail
    • Forecasted losses and earnings using quantitative/qualitative analyses to a high degree of accuracy, allowing the company to intelligently manage and invest resources
    • Adhered to departmental controls and regulations maintain ethical conduct at all times


    POLOMA COLLEGE Bloomfield, NJ

    MBA, June 2008



    Check out this page to see a full list of jobs.

    1. Licensing & Certifications

    If you’re looking to boost or target your career, you need to choose a path. Getting a widely recognized certification will help improve your resume and land you better jobs.

    Investopedia has an excellent breakdown of the types of accounting certifications you can earn. The bottom line is that earning a CPA is the gold standard, while the other certifications can help give you an edge in niche industries.

    So if you’re a corporate banker, a controller, a treasurer, or some other type of specialist, your resume is going to be unique to your experience.

    In addition, if you’re trying to find a job that is outside your current specialty, you need to TARGET your resume to prove to the hiring manager that you have the skills to do the job.

    Avoid hobbies and interests — instead, focus on your hard skills and achievements:

    3. What to Include in your Career Objective

    Here is the Career Objective from the sample resume above:

    Certified Public Accountant with 5+ years of experience of ledger processes, reconciliations and streamlining reports. Possess an MBA. Seeking to leverage my professional expertise and experience into a managerial role as a corporate banker.

    Model your career objective after this example. Include these three important pieces of information (which have been bolded above.)

    1. How many years of experience you have as an accountant, and the main duties you’ve performed
    2. The highest degree you hold, and your certifications
    3. Describe which role you want to fill, and why you’d be a good choice

    Short, persuasive, and concise, the Career Objective is a classic way to start a powerful resume.

    You can use numbers to describe your job duties, and also impress the hiring manager. You’ll need a Bachelor’s degree for an entry-level job. Source: U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics

    Below are some general examples of information you can quantify on an accounting resume:

    • Size of the budgets you managed
    • Amount of any investments you managed, and how profitable they were
    • Net worth of the company you work for, and what your main duties were for them
    • The size of the investments you’ve reconciled
    • The number of the contracts you’ve negotiated
    • The amount of money you’ve saved or earned the company via your knowledge, experience, and efforts

    Above all, your resume should be achievement oriented.

    350,000 budget, with a reduction of costs totaling 15% over two years

    Above all, your resume should be achievement oriented. Do not repeat bullet points, or list bland and meaningless duties.

    5. Key Action Verbs

    Try using some of the below action verbs to add depth, clarity and specificity to your document. Action verbs make great openers for experience bullet points and can also be utilized on cover letters to target them to specific positions. For more action verbiage check out the famous “Longest Action Verb List In The Universe“

    • Accelerated
    • Acclimated
    • Balanced
    • Bargained
    • Calculated
    • Canvassed
    • Decided
    • Decentralized
    • Earned
    • Eased
    • Facilitated
    • Familiarized
    • Gained
    • Gathered
    • Handled
    • Identified
    • Illustrated
    • Launched
    • Lectured
    • Lead
    • Maintained
    • Managed
    • Observed
    • Obtained
    • Participated
    • Passed
    • Raised
    • Ranked
    • Safeguarded
    • Salvaged
    • Scheduled
    • Screened
    • Secured
    • Tabulated
    • Tailored
    • Uncovered
    • Undertook
    • Validated
    • Valued
    • Voiced

    Other Good Samples

    1. Accountant – portnov.com (Note: Portnov provides a HUGE amount of resumes on this page. Very useful!)
    2. Accountant – DePaul.edu (Note: The “Objective” statement is weak and not up to current standards.
    Many accountant resume samples that you will find on the Internet do not provide the level of detail needed to help you to structure yours. We recommend you include the following sections in your accounting resume:

    Contact Details

    Include your full name, your telephone numbers, including a cell phone number and your email address. It is also wise to include your address. For students, this will include both home address and your address at the university.


    Accounting resumes for less experienced candidates should include an objective. This is one concise sentence which states the goal of the applicant, and it should be tailored for each job. This accounting resume sample suggests something like:

    Motivated self starter with accounting qualification seeking position with accounting company leader.


    More experienced candidates will want to include a profile in their accounting resume.

    Demonstrable experience supervising accounting staff and managing diverse teams. Expert in billings and collections with significant experience managing balance sheets and management status reports for blue chip organizations. Analytical thinker who brings a new approach to the management of accounts receivable.

    As this sample accounting resume demonstrates, you can include some of your keywords in this profile, improving your resume•s chances of being found online. More on keywords below.

    NOTE: Your accountant resume profile or objective will sit in the area of the page, which immediately commands the attention of the employer. The eye is naturally drawn to the top third of the page. Make sure that your resume stands out from the sea of other accounting resumes that the hiring manager receives, by paying attention to this important area.

    Key Skills

    For experienced accounting professionals, it is recommended to consider a list of key skills.


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