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Free gift paper design

free gift paper design 2621 Best Gift Certificate Free Vector Art Downloads from the Vecteezy community. Gift Certificate Free Vector Art licensed under creative commons, open source, and more. Save money on wrapping paper by downloading one or more of these free decorative gift wrap designs here. Gift wrapping paper design Free vector We have about (6,951 files) Free vector in ai, eps, cdr, svg vector illustration graphic art design format. Free Printable Wrapping Paper 12 Great. of wrapping a gift. These free printable wrapping paper designs are. Free Printable Wrapping Paper. Feast your eyes on a roundup of beautiful wrapping paper designs, and enter the Print Celebrates Design competition before the Dec. 1 deadline. Paper Free vector We have about (4,355 files) Free vector in ai, eps, cdr, svg vector illustration graphic art design format. Almost files can be used for commercial.

Design Paper | Printable Paper for Events and Occasions

Christmas Gift Certificate with Tree


Gift Certificate - Colors

Christmas Gift

Blank Gift

Blank Gift

Gift Certificate - Box


Blank Spa Gift

Blank Gift

Gift Certificate - Massage/Spa

Blank Gift


Gift Certificate - Salon

Gift Certificate - Restaurant

Movie Gift

Car Wash Gift

Blank Gift Certificate - Teddy Bear

Chocolate & Candy Gift

Gift Certificate - Gift Packages

Jewelry Gift

Fancy Gift

Gift Certificate - Grill/Diner

Wine Gift

Modern Gift

Gift Certificate - Pizza

Gift Certificate - Tanning

Gift Certificate - Grocery Bag

(Can't find the certificate you need?

The full collection includes interesting plants, packaging, wrapping paper and stamps. Learn more about the project here.

by Charlotte Olsen of Brandhouse Design

Okya, so they’re not technically gift wrap so much as gift boxes, but we couldn’t pass this up. Charlotte Olsen created these silly and adorable monster candy boxes to send to her clients and friends. Read more about the project.

Designed by Marta Veludo, in collaboration with Sue Doeksen and Ricardo Leite

Commissioned by The Bookstore Foundation in 2014, this combination invitation + gift wrap is both visually stunning and useful. Learn more about the project.

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Stoller Design Group

Hailing from the Far West Region is RDA winner Stoller Design Group, whose design for Cenveo Graphic Arts Center gift wrap contest makes all other holiday gift wrap seem inadequate. On one side, the receiver of the gift wrap will find a host of entertaining holiday facts and statistics communicated through infographics, charts and quotations. On the reverse side, there is a calendar made into a colorful pattern, with holidays represented by icons. The holiday gift wrap is just one of Stoller Design Group’s many interesting designs; check out their other work here.

by Angelo Stitz

This sleek typographic gift wrap design by designer Angelo Stitz plays with patterns and the mechanics of each typeface.

Check out these gorgeous, creative gift wrap designs:

by Natalya Zahn

This screen-printed project was originally created for the 2012/2013 holiday season. The project was later incorporated into a self-promotional mailer that won a HOW Promotion Design Award in 2013. Learn more about the project here.

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Harking back to the days when retailers in Singapore used newspaper to wrap goods, this wrapping paper evokes nostalgic memories of those days. It uses 1950s newspaper as the base and overlaid with vibrant Chinese typography to produce a mix of the traditional and the contemporary, while creating an entirely fresh appeal and a gift-wrap suitable for any occasion, especially Chinese New Year.

“The artwork is inspired by the organic elements of Christmas and of the forest,” Karlsson writes. “I decided to avoid the obvious Christmasy colors and go with a more subtle palette to give it a mysterious atmosphere.”

Read more about the project.

by Justin Colt and Sarah Fay of Gift Couture

Justin Colt and Sarah Fay created a small start-up paper company based in NYC called Gift Couture, which specialized in unique, high-quality coordinated wrapping paper sets. This cheeseburger wrapping paper is both attractive and hilarious. See more of their work.

This gift wrap from Eden’s Paper is available with flower, veggie and fruit patterns—and seeds are embedded into the back of the paper, so the recipient can grow that particular veggie. While this may not be the most holiday-inspired way to decorate your gifts, this clever idea turns the wrapping paper into a gift, too.

by Charles S. Anderson Design, CSA Images

French Paper always comes out with gorgeous wrapping paper every year, but we particularly loved the Orna-Mental Gift Wrap and the Light The Tree Gift Wrap, both pictured below. Be sure to check out the full collection of gift wrap from French Paper here.

Monahan Papers

Stephanie Monahan is the the creative brains behind Monahan Papers, a resurrector of old and old-style paper designs of all varieties.

Overall the main object was to achieve an ornamental character, away from the actual figure in favour of a pattern as an entire composition.” Read more about the project. You can also purchase this gift wrap here.

Madeleine Eiche — Turnstyle

This Happy Wrap wrapping paper by Madeleine Eiche of Seattle-based studio Turnstyle made us, well, happy. Each of the eight sheets are 2 feet by 3 feet, and they’re folded down to 1-foot squares and tucked into a convenient folder. Turnstyle created Happy Wrap as a holiday promotion for Hemlock Printers of Vancouver, BC.

Turnstyle included their own holiday greeting: “This retrorganic holiday wrap is a nouveau-traditional twist on woodsy cabins, 5-point deer, yule logs, flannel pajamas, nature hikes, and long winters’ naps.

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