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How to outline a csr plan

JX Nippon Mining & Metals is a company in the field of nonferrous metals and a core company of the JXTG Group, which aims to become one of the world's leading energy, resources, and materials business groups. Our mission is to provide to society stable supplies of materials, including copper, precious metals, rare metals, and other nonferrous metal resources, as well as electronic materials. Based on this social mission, our business operations cover the full range, from upstream resources development to midstream smelting and refining, and, as downstream operations, electronic materials fabrication and recycling and environmental services.

Copper is the key material on which our business operations are founded and is widely used in electrical wires and electrical circuits for electronic products, vehicles, and other applications because of its good electrical conductivity, ease of processing, thermal conductivity, and other advantages. Copper is an indispensable metal resource for the future growth of society, but its deposits are distributed unevenly and reserves are finite. We therefore need to make effective use of the reserves available by increasing the extraction percentage and pursuing recycling initiatives, among other means.

Against this background, the JX Nippon Mining & Metals Group considers its corporate social responsibility to be the stable and efficient supply of high-quality copper through innovation in the productivity of resources and materials. Based on our understanding that CSR activities are "nothing more or less than our business activities," we pursue such innovation by drawing on the technology and knowledge we have accumulated over our history spanning more than a century.
In our resources development business and smelting and refining business, we pursue the efficient mining, concentration, and refining of copper ores, a finite natural resource. In our recycling and environmental services business, we seek to supplement natural resources by making use of end-of-life products discarded by society from so-called urban mines. In our electronic materials business, we support progress in state-of-the-art devices by supplying advanced-function metallic materials manufactured from copper and other metals. We are also contributing to the development of an IoT (Internet of Things)-based society.
In carrying out these business operations, we take all due care to minimize any negative impact on society. We also endeavor to deepen communications with relevant stakeholders in order to ensure that we protect the environment, maintain occupational health and safety, enhance compliance, coexist and prosper along with local communities, and respect human rights.

The business operations of the Group are carried out in accordance with the JX Nippon Mining & Metals Code of Conduct created in line with the JXTG Group Mission Statement. This Code of Conduct—which is shared by both management and employees—is also compliant with international guidelines, including the principles of the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM), of which we are a member, and the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact. We believe that carrying out our daily operations with a common sense of purpose will maximize the success of the Group as a whole in terms of innovation in the productivity of resources and materials. We are therefore focusing effort on instilling the Code of Conduct even more deeply, through such means as distributing this sustainability report to all employees and conducting training.

The JXTG Group and the TonenGeneral Group integrated their businesses in April 2017. The new corporate group resulting from the business integration, JXTG group is set to improve profitability by more than ¥100 billion within three years of the integration and to develop as an internationally competitive and prominent Asian corporate group with operations encompassing energy, resources, and materials. As the entity that takes on the core operations of JXTG group, the JX Nippon Mining & Metals Group is tackling pending issues with a view to bringing these goals to fruition.

We selected the following six items as material issues for CSR activities during fiscal 2016.

  1. Innovating the productivity of resources and materials
  2. Insisting on full compliance
  3. Protecting the environment
  4. Using resources effectively
  5. Ensuring occupational health and safety
  6. Developing and utilizing human resources

As we go forward carrying out our business with these six themes as focal points, we will strive to solve the problems facing society, thereby increasing the presence of the JX Nippon Mining & Metals Group in the nonferrous metals industry and maximizing our corporate value.

President and Chief Executive Officer
Chairman of the CSR Committee
JX Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation
Shigeru Oi

A 5-Step Social-Responsibility Action Plan | Inc.com


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