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How to write a pre sentence report

how to write a pre sentence report The defendant must be careful about what he or she says in the interview, because probation officers can use the defendant’s statements in their reports.

Getting a Fair Presentence Report

Probation officers are at least as overworked as other players in the criminal justice system. And they are as susceptible to tough-on-crime public opinion as anyone else. Thus, many use “boilerplate clauses” (prewritten clauses used in case after case) in their reports. And the probation officer may prepare a report that justifies predetermined decisions rather than weighing the merits of an individual case.

Defense lawyers, well aware of the limitations under which many probation officers work, often take a number of steps to try to ensure that a judge is aware of information favorable to the defendant.

how to write a pre sentence report Use reports: section 5 case management guidance - GOV.UK

how to write a pre sentence report Fact Sheet – Pre-sentence Report Order


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