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How to write have a good day in arabic

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How to say, 'Have a good day' to a female in Arabic - Quora

how to write have a good day in arabic how do you say the words "GOOD" and "BAD" in the arabic ...

How to say " have a good day" in arabic( Lebanese)?. have a good day= أتمنى لك. What English dialect is it that people write "colour" and. Useful Arabic phrases. Have a nice day (atmna lk ywma tyba). Have a good journey: happy journey (riḥlah saʿīdah) رحلة. There are multiple ways to say "hello" in Arabic.. " This is the Arabic equivalent of the English "good day.". In Arabic, you have to write from the right. How do you say 'have a good day' in egyptian arabic (for guys and. (have a good day) so you can use wat i have write earlier. Source(s): Arabic.


  1. Wanovoyejawo

    I"m getting an MFA in screenwriting and this is going to haunt me every day

  2. Heqogakenore

    Last day to be doing these 11 hour shifts. Im hanging in there cause god damn this shits too much

  3. Xakebitezehoq

    That shit use to work back in the day but now!! Hell nah!!

  4. Jevudecaneti

    I literally look like a bag of potatoes on a good day in the morning

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