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Make a sentence for help

Homework Help: Making Sentences. Adjectives are words that provide readers with more information about the subject of the sentence. Make learning fun with. Make Make it real. Make your choice. You make me happy. This sentence doesn t make sense. I think we ll make it if we hurry. I am afraid he will make a mistake. You can listen to each sentence as you read it. She called for help. Thank you for today. We must make up for lost time.

English Sentences with Audio Using the Word Help

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A clause also contains a subject and a predicate, but it is contained within the sentence. A clause may also be a complete sentence. Clauses may be dependent or independent. A dependent clause is dependent on the rest of the sentence for its meaning. An independent clause could stand alone as a sentence.

A phrase is a part of a sentence that does not have both a subject and a predicate.

Sentence Types

One way to view sentence types is by how the sentences are structured. Sentences may be simple (subject-verb) or compound (subject-verb-conjunction-subject-verb). Sentences may also be complex (subject-verb-subordinate clause). And, for mind-boggling difficulty, sentences may be compound-complex. Let's see some examples.

Sentence Type



The boy travels.


The boy flew and the girl drove.


The boy flew to Europe, because he wanted to see the Eifel Tower.


The boy flew to Mexico, because it was spring break, and the girl ran to her mother to ask to go too.

A simple sentence simply has a subject and verb.

I'm leaving town for a few days. I'm saving money for my old age. It's no use asking him for help. My mother made a sweater for me. She dumped him for a richer man. She listened to music for hours. She praised him for his honesty. She prayed for her son's return. She sang a Japanese song for us. She translated it word for word. She waited for him to come home. Thank you for coming to meet me. The old man begged me for money. The road is too narrow for cars. I lived abroad for ten years. It's necessary for you to go. She asked him for some money. She thanked him for his help. She waited for him for hours. The train didn't wait for me. This chair is too low for me. Would you join me for a walk? Eleven o'clock is good for me. He asked his friends for help. He was looking for a good job. I admire you for your courage. I hear he is looking for work. I talked with her for an hour. I went for a walk in the park. I haven't seen you for ages. I mistook him for Mr. Brown. I need to search for my pen. I thanked Mary for her help. I'll act as a guide for you. I'll buy a watch for my son. Is the job too much for you? My son is small for his age. Please prepare for the trip. She cooks for him every day. She made a new suit for him. Thanks for bringing me here. Thanks for your explanation. Tom thanked me for the gift. We will do anything for you. When is a good time for you?
A compound-complex sentence has all of the above: two related actions joined by a conjunction as well as one or more subordinate clauses.

Another way to view sentence types is by the function of the sentence. In this view of classifying sentences, there are four types of sentences.

Sentence Type




Makes a statement.

Mr. Francis smiled. The students relaxed.


Asks a question.

Where is your homework? Why are you late?


Makes a command.

Come here. Don’t do that. Please stop talking.


Expresses strong emotion.

I refuse to do homework on weekends!

Note: the subject of an imperative type of sentence is always the person who is supposed to hear the sentence ("you"), and therefore is often left out.

Next: review Sentence Terms, like subject, and object.

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What do you want for breakfast? Would you care for more coffee? An expert was called for advice. Are you for or against his idea? Children often ask me for money. Do you have any messages for me? Do you have anything for a cold? Do you have change for a dollar? Fred often comes late for class. Has he lived here for two years? He is about to leave for London. He is unpopular for some reason. He left for New York a week ago. He likes to cook for his family. 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What is a sentence?

Definition: A sentence is a complete and independent statement. A sentence consists of something taking an action. Even a single word command, such as "Go!" is a sentence. Although the subject (you) is not included, it is implied.

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The main parts of the sentence are the subject and the predicate. Usually the subject is the name of something taking action and the predicate is all the rest, including the object.


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