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Multiple choice questions on indian dance

Play the free Dance Quiz at Quiz Factor. Create your own quiz questions & answers or play from a wide range of quizzes online!. Dance Quiz Dance. Music KBC Quiz & KBC Questions, Multiple Choice Questions and Answers; Displaying 1 to 10 of 20 Questions. Dance Dance Tarzan Multiple Choice Questions. Any ceremony involving a sun dance. The American Indian Religious Freedom Act was passed in. 10 Multiple Choice Questions on Indian Culture and. The dance encouraged and performed from the temple. Quiz on Indian Legislature : 10 Multiple.

Multiple Choice Questions - OUP

Eastern Canada
d. Alaska
  • The ancestral spirits of the Pueblo peoples are known as

    a. The Hero Twins
    b. Kachinas
    c. Jump Dancers
    d. None of the above

  • Trickster figures in mythology

    a. Teach important life lessons through their actions
    b. Are often animals
    c. Always rescue humanity from decline
    d. Both a and b

  • Which of the following is the best definition of a rite of passage?

  • Adopted Catholicism but selected its own pope
    c. Was founded in 1712
    d. Was founded by followers of Peyote Religion to protect their religious practice
  • The American Indian Religious Freedom Act was passed in

    a. 1801
    b. 1888
    c. 1978
    d. 2010

  • What is a hogan?

    a. A sacred structure of the Pueblo peoples

  • One of the kachinas
    c. One of the hero twins in Popol Vuh
    d. The Aztec corn god
  • Mt. Shasta is a sacred place to

    a. The Aztecs
    b. Many Native communities in northern California
    c. The Maya
    d. The Native communities of the southeastern United States

  • The Pueblo peoples are from

    a. The Southwestern United States

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