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My school beneficiary list

my school beneficiary list

women dogMake sure your MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet funds are going where they are needed most. Choose a school, charity, or animal or environmental organisation that is important to you.

Which organisations are registered as MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet beneficiaries? There are over 9 000 schools that you could choose to support, more than 400 MyVillage charities that care for people and over 100 MyPlanet charities that care for animals and the environment. You can search for a specific charity here or review a list of some of the most popular charities below.



  1. Bilozecevi

    I would request u rather than passing the bucks, contact the wrong beneficiary, n get back my money, 2 weeks, have passed.

  2. Qoteyoto

    Couldn"t agree more. I"m just beneficiary of recognising need for this approach. My job to fulfill and easier with members on board.

  3. Yocanelapad

    Just look at my dawg here

  4. Zofonogig

    My momma woke me up early over some damn slippers and now my eye hurts

  5. Lohifudaziqak

    I"m the sole beneficiary on Austins life insurance policy --- someone kill my man so I get $$$$

  6. Sorevox

    I call my husband Daddy because he pays the rent, pays bills, provides me with health insurance I"m his life insurance policy beneficiary

  7. Gexomixasoj

    For the past few days all my experience in every grade just been playing back like i"m really out this hoe in a few days

  8. Jexusacixo

    My tweet meant I was defending him?

  9. Geyazovopox

    Wait a minute guys. Are you suggesting my good friend Kuda Tagwireyi is just another front like that Zesa beneficiary?

  10. Rojeyawof

    I have my mom as a beneficiary on my account cause of that

  11. Kozetotelejo

    Don"t kill me off ! I just officially made you the beneficiary of my life insurance policy my state pension.

  12. Mutocudo

    Every time someone wakes me up and turns the light on, my eye hurts

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