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Narrative writing learning goals

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Narrate an Experience

By (date), when given a real or imagined event, (name) will create a (5) sentence narrative piece that includes at least (2) characters with (1) character description sentence per character (e.g. describing characters's feeling and thoughts), (3) temporal words (e.g. first, next, before) and (1) conclusion sentence scoring (5 out of 6) on a teacher-made rubric in (2 out of 3) trials.

Developing Writer’s Craft in a Narrative

By (date), after given a personal narrative prompt (e.g. “Write about our field trip to the aquarium.”) and completing a graphic organizer (e.g. Sensory Detail Chart: “What you… Saw, Heard, Smelled, Felt, Said”) to brainstorm and organize ideas, (name) will write an (8-10) sentence personal narrative including: a (1) sentence introduction, (3) temporal transition words (e.g. first, next, last) to signal a clear sequence of events, at least (3) examples of writer’s craft (e.g. sensory details, descriptive words, figurative language, or dialogue), and a (1) concluding sentence in (4 out of 5) writing exercises.


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