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Quotes about homeworks

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Antonio Tarver
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  1. Zifeyewujen

    I hate when u wanna talk about something that bothers u but you feel like you"ve already talked about it too much so you just hold it in

  2. Qegujejunuyiwi

    I honestly avoid video audio of our Illustrious president speaking. Can"t stomach it. Mostly read quotes or reporting about him in print.

  3. Muyowaxezo

    25 incredible quotes about mothers and daughters from literature via

  4. Mugezuciciz

    What Your Car Says About You -

  5. Pobawamem

    Some quotes I read I know are about you not me

  6. Poxopow

    I swear, I read this as give her Chanel a looksy 3 times kept wondering why I was supposed to care about her perfume for a solid minute.

  7. Zoxeqaceyoko

    I really don"t care about a lot of things, but when I do care, I care too much.

  8. Fomomadavorif

    I see so many quotes about love and relationships that make me realize these people know nothing about either.

  9. Wimevanadizo

    Only the man who is in the truth is a free man.

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