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Resume template medical transcriptionist

resume template medical transcriptionist

As a medical transcriptionist you need to transcribe medical records, medical laboratory reports, office chart notes, history and physical examinations, consultations, letters, memos, admission notes, operative reports, discharge summaries and diagnostic studies. So an employer must be seeking something special in a Medical Transcription Resume. A Medical Transcription Resume should be written by keeping in mind the duties you have to perform. Some Sample Medical Transcription Resumes have been given below that will help you in writing your own Medical Transcription Resume.

Before Writing you have to clear the working of Medical Transcriptionist Role in the All the work. A person who is Responsible for transcription of the reports of different types of tests of diagnoses and prescriptions.

Providing necessary information to the patients and working in accordance with the doctors.

Curriculum Vitae Name Of Medical Transcriptionist



Mobile#:  ------------

E-mail:-  --------------






To utilize my potential and to enhance my skills for achieving new heights in Transcription Service in this rapidly growing Industry.





1. 10th from CBSE New Delhi

Name of The School in 1989-90.

2. 10+2 from CBSE

Name of The School in 1991-92.

3. Graduation.  BA (Bachelor’s Degree)

From University in 1994-95





1. Computer Education You Get From.

2. Completed Medical Transcription Training from Name of Institute




Presently working with Name of The Company as HBT October 2008.


Previously working Name of The Company as Production Manager since October 2005.


Previously working with Name of Company as an Assistant Production Manager since March 2004.


Previously worked with Name of Company  as Shift Supervisor from January 2003 till February 2004


Job Responsibilities:  My responsibilities as Shift Supervisor were as follows:

· Keeping the seniors posted as to the current situation and status of the team.

· Final level QA of files as and when required. 


Started working with Name of Company in February 1999 and worked there till December 2002.


In Heartland, held different positions. Worked there as Medical Transcriptionist, then got promoted as Quality Analyst, then got promoted as Quality Analyst-II, and then got promoted as floor in-charge.


Job Responsibilities:  Different job position had different job responsibilities that are summarized below



· Transcribing the files with at least 90% accuracy.

· Updating self with any change in template or any other feedback.



· Proof reading and editing the files done by MTs and raising the quality of the given file to at least 98% accuracy.

· Updating self as well as the MTs with any change in template or any other feedback.

· Attending weekly and monthly meetings as well as attending seminars as and when held by the organization to keep oneself abreast to the changing need of the industry.



· Proof reading and editing the files done by QAs and raising the quality of the given file to at least 99.5% accuracy.

· Updating self as well as the QAs with any change in template or any other feedback.

· Attending weekly and monthly meetings as well as attending seminars as and when held by the organization to keep oneself abreast to the changing need of the industry.


Floor In-Charge:

· Keeping track of the workflow and managing the proper work flow throughout the shift.

· Maintaining the track record of each and every individual of the shift.

· Maintaining line count and accuracy data of each and every individual of the shift.

· Holding weekly and monthly meetings with QAIIs, QAs, and MTs for betterment and uplifting the quality as well as raising the line count.

· Attending weekly and monthly meetings as well as attending seminars as and when held by the organization to keep oneself abreast to the changing need of the industry.



Operating System: -

Single User : DOS, MS-Windows 98,

MS-Windows 2000,

MS-Windows XP Professional.


Multi-user : MS-Windows-NT 4.0 ,

MS-Windows-2000 Professional,

MS-Windows-2000 Server,

MS-Windows-2003 Server,


Packages : MS-Office

MS - Outlook Express





Father’s Name : Father Name

Nationality : Indian

Language Known : English, Hindi, and Gujarati.

Strength : Hard Working, Good Team Leader,

Fast & Active learner and Energetic.






Date:  Today Date

Place: Place


Hand Signature


(Name of Candidate)

- Best Sample Resume Medical Transcription Resume

How to Prepare a Resume for a Transcriptionist: 9 Steps

resume template medical transcriptionist

Transcriptionist Resume Samples & Medical CMT. Examples:

He uses equipments such as a headset to listen the recordings and a pedal to control the speed of recording. He documents all the transcriptions in worksheets using the computer.

Resume Example for Medical Transcriptionist


Full Name
[Street, City, State, Zip] | [Phone] [Email Address]


Medical transcriptionist with excellent speed and accuracy at inscribing complex and detailed transcriptions verbally dictated by the doctors.

Professional Experience

ABC Medical Center Salisbury, MD 2005 – Present
Medical Transcriptionist

Maintained a medical database consisting of details such as discharge date, X-Ray reports and medical prescriptions pertaining to patients of a particular physician.

  • Documented reports with accuracy and excluded irrelevant or unimportant content thereby easing the access to information.
  • Analyzed documents for errors using medical dictionaries and other sources of information, corrected inaccuracies as necessary.
Proper guidelines should be followed while designing the final version of your Medical Transcriptionist Resume. Following is one of the samples of Medical Transcription Resume provided. Basically, the main function of a Medical Transcriptionist is to convert the dictated health reports of any patient into the written report forms. These maintained reports are further being used by doctors for future reference of the case .For this, the knowledge of Medical Transcriptionist regarding medical terms and terminologies and various medical related diagnosing processes should be good, which will really help to execute the best.

Sample Medical Transcription Resume

Mathew Mackintosh,
26, West 12 Street,
Blaine, Washington, 09587,

Experienced transcriptionist with the sound knowledge of the physiology, medical terminology and exceptionally good knowledge of medical transcription.


Medical Transcriptionist
Medico Hospital, Blaine, Washington

  • Responsible for the transcribe the records, written material such as summaries of patients discharge, history of patient, patients report, letters and notes etc.
  • Responsible for the interview, hiring and training of new transciptionists and also guide them for related work.
  • Verifies the data of the patient and the transcription.
  • Analyze the productivity of department and collects the data for the same.
  • Maintenance of the dictations and transcriptions record, medical procedures.
  • Maintained the standards of department procedures, polices, objectives, quality improvement and safety etc.
  • Deals with the enquiries and problems regarding the medical information.
The job experience identifies key skills such as medical terminology, translation and medical files. The job seeker also features transferable skill such as database maintenance, data entry and reporting.

The job section uses company name, date and job title as headings. The statements identify skills and highlight key responsibilities. As this is a job without much revenue, sales or cost reduction responsibilities, the key to getting a job interview will focus on knowledge and the ability to perform multiple tasks as the same time.

Their training includes a Bachelor of Art in History. The candidate also lists technical skills in related software, systems and machines.

Medical Transcriptionist Resume Example

Medical Transcriptionist Resume Statements

  • Document and type medical reports interpreted by laboratory staff and Pathology department.
  • Transcribe medical staff dictation from Radiology department.
  • Sit in medical training seminars in order to dictate and transcribe course lectures into documents.
  • Work with Pathology staff to verify patient testing requirements and results data.
Our Certified Professional Resume Writers can assist you in creating a professional document for the job or industry of your choice.

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Administration specialist with educational experience, and a recent graduate of Medical Transcription program, and providing superior customer-centric service and support. Highly adaptable, rapidly learns new procedures and processes, and quickly adjusts to schedule changes, team structure, assignment parameters, and organizational objectives. Offers uncompromising integrity, solid work ethic, resourcefulness, consistency, and diligence in achieving both short- and long-term office goals and business objectives. Adept at handling highly confidential and sensitive patient and company information, maintaining detailed administrative and procedural processes, able to enter and retrieve data quickly and accurately. Seek to contribute advanced communications, patient assistance, and problem-solving skills toward optimizing goals of a progressive employer in a Medical Transcriptionist role.


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