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Sample resume for bioinformatics job

sample resume for bioinformatics job

Bioinformatics is a somewhat new field and is a mixture of statistics and computer science to assist with the study and application of molecular biology. Bioinformatics is a very specific field but generally it involves generating databases, writing algorithms and processing information to come up with effective solutions to problems involving biological data with a large emphasis on the analysis of DNA. This is a highly competitive field with a great pay scale so it is important to have a bioinformatics resume that singles you out from the crowd.

It is not a simple job to write an effective resume. Ask yourself simple questions like: What makes me special? What have I done that would impress potential employers in this field? Your resume should be one page and should include your career goals, previous accomplishments and academic experiences. A resume essentially introduces you to a prospective employer and should be tailored specifically towards what field you're looking to go into. Therefore, if you are searching for some ideas on how to write an effective Bioinformatics resume then continue reading; in addition, it is worth performing a search for a bioinformatics resume sample online for some guidance.

General Bioinformatics Resume Tips
There are hundreds of guides to writing a generally effective resume and most of them give quality information. If you're reading this then you probably have a more specific interest in what would be good to put on a Bioinformatics resume. Most people who are applying for jobs in Bioinformatics tend to have a lot of formal education and could have some extensive experience. For technical jobs which generally require a college degree the emphasis should be more on actual qualifications, skills, and experience rather than personality traits or general activities.

Candidates with Bachelor's Degrees
If you have a Bachelor's degree then you are off to a good start. Highlight any relevant coursework including (but not limited to) computer programming, data analysis, biological sciences, statistics, and math. Make sure to put a large emphasis on any hands on experience or training you've done and any projects you may have worked on related to Bioinformatics. Not many people get the opportunity to participate in undergraduate research but if you have then that is a major plus and should be one of the most emphasized and explained points.

Candidates with Master's or Doctoral Degrees
Almost all Master's or Doctoral work involves heavy research, and thesis/doctorate work. This will be the most important thing you can highlight to your potential employer, assuming your work was done in a relevant field. Relevant research includes computer programming for statistical analysis, biological simulations with computers, data mining in terms of biology, etc. Only you know what you've done and a resume is your chance to highlight what you feel is important and best represents you.

Follow the general guidelines presented for general resumes and focus on the technical aspect of your background. While convincing the employer that you are reliable and hardworking is a good thing to do, the most important thing is convincing them you are capable.

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